Monday, October 12, 2009

Oi, Mr Culturally Diverse Eddie McGuire? I got a boned to pick with you, Sunshine.

Oh, sorry, it wasn't Sunshine it was Broadmeadows, wasn't it?
Sorry, didn't mean to offend or discriminate.
Now, this opinion piece you penned in yesterday's paper....really, Eddie, did you really think about what you were saying?
Let's get down to calling a spade a f'kn shovel here.
Australia is "culturally diverse" ?
This is the Land That Time Forgot in some aspects, the island where it's enshrined in law that people can still be discriminated against if they don't measure up to someone's twisted interpretation of their religious teachings.
Some media barely bother to cover their bias in reporting the news in this country - calling Matt Lucas' ex-husband and Stephen Gately's husband, "partner" or putting quotation marks around the word husband which fails to afford the same respect to the relationship as expected for a heterosexual couple.
Eddie, do you call Carla your wife or your "wife" or "partner"?
When you see a starving child in an orphanage of a poor country do you immediately think the child needs a loving home or it needs heterosexual parents, Eddie?
We can count on the majority of the mainstream media in this country to play the role of the moralistic agony aunt should politicians ever appear to be supporting same-sex marriages or adoption.
The religious nutters get wheeled out to blurt some bizarre antiquated belief about homosexuality and the end of the world to prod the pollies back into line and rev up the bogan rednecks in the public.
This shyte storm that's erupted over a bad comedy skit - which was NOT racist - is laughable; the daily, blatent discrimination against LGBT communities in this country far, far, FAR out-weighs this piss in a teacup-type rubbish.
It only gained the world-wide attention because the Americans were vocal about it for all the wrong reasons.
Has anyone become depressed over this?
Has anyone lost their job/house/career/partner/children over this?
Has anyone been shunned in their local community due to this?
Has anyone been excluded from their church over this?
Has anyone been bullied at school over this?
Has anyone committed suicide over this?
But that is what happens Every.Single.Day to many LGBT youth and couples.
Can someone, please, get mortally offended by the way people are legally allowed to treat the LGBT community?
And can that someone get up on a popular TV show and demand an apology?


  1. Started writing something here, but couldn't get it out right. I know I wish this whole mess would just go away and all people would accept all other people, just as people, because that's what we all are.......

  2. Go Jayne.

    The brother of someone close to me suicided over confusion about his sexuality and he was in his thirties, so it is not only young people who feel so trapped that they take extreme measures.

  3. Yes, River, we are all just human but some can't grasp it.

    Yes, I should have made it more inclusive, Andrew.
    Too many are driven to extremes by others who are unhappy within themselves.