Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Some transport stuffs for Daniel and other blatherings

That's Daniel who chatters away with a healthy dose of commonsense to pollies and the media about how our public transport system should be running.

Trained it to Castlemaine and....
Oakleigh station staff ticket booking skills?
My ticket for Castlemaine was such a hotch-potch the conductor on the return trip had to rewrite the whole thing out as it didn't make any sense and what annoyed us both the most?
The fact I'd asked a second station staff member to check that it was correct.
The chick behind me had been assured she could use a metropolitan ticket beyond Sunbury by several station staff.
Apparently it's common now for the conductors to suggest passengers buy their tickets at So Cross Spencer Street Station to save all the mess from the metro stations.

Sorry, I got no suggestions for a new washing machine as I wash by hand and my machine - which was limping along for a few years barely spin drying - gave up the ghost when The Spouse and Feral Beast gutted and cannibalised it for bits and then we turned the outer shell into my new compost bin.
Coz we could.
And the wormies sang "Hallelujah!" raising their hands in the air like they just don't care...
I should probably take a piccy of it but it's dark, it's wet and I'm knackered so you ...oh, alright, you twisted my arm.
I'll trot out a grab a snap of it for you.

There, see? Pitch dark although The Spouse played Lighting Engineer with a torch in his pj's and moccies for me.
I now use a mangle.

Anyways up near Pakenham there was this sign sitting all on its Pat Malone-

Sorry, it's a proper tiddler today.
It actually reads "Train Station Here".
I'm assuming it's a demand for a new station for the growing housing development, approx. 1+ kms this side of Pakenham?

There was a steam train at Castlemaine - we could hear it but didn't eye-ball it as we were a bajillion miles up a hill that is recommended to only travel up via vehicle transport rather than Shanks' Pony.
Our particular Shanks' Ponies were slightly knackered by the time we reached the top.

We went through Sunshine and we waved to Raelene and Tony...but they didn't wave back for some reason.


  1. I love the washing machine compost bin concept.

    I may whisper about it when in the laundry next attending to my cantankerous beast.

    But using a mangle? We don't even have a mangle to replace it with!

  2. How much do you want for the washing machine? Is it in working order?

  3. Thanks Jayne! Yeah, last time I bought a V/Line ticket at Bentleigh they messed up the seat number. On the most recent trip I played it safe and went to the V/Line counter at FSS.

    There is a plan for a station west of Pakenham; I think it's Cardinia Road. Nobody should hold their breath for that one though.

  4. The mangle is a great upper body workout, Jeanie, and that's just wrestling it out of the cupboard to begin with lol.

    Yeah, she goes like a frog in a sock, HotAndrew lol.
    The wormies will never part with it, but.

    Ahhh, thanks for that, Daniel, have been wondering about that sign and kept forgetting to ask.
    I shall make it my mission to train the staff at Oakleigh to Get Tickets Right or bust a valve trying ;)