Thursday, October 15, 2009

Training it to Castlemaine, All aboard!

The day started quite early with moi waking at 3am worried that I'd sleep through the alarm.
No fear of that and then 5.30am saw me up and dragging the child out of his slumber.
The child takes forever to get organised so he needs twice as long to gather his thoughts and get himself into gear.
Anyway we sandwiched ourselves onto the 7.52am train (running 8mins late) to get into So Cross Spencer Street Station in Melbourne. By the time the train (stopping all stations) had reached Caulfield there was no need to hold onto anything as the crush of bodies would have sufficed for scaffolding on a building.
We were amused at the announcement over the train PA just before Malvern to "Move down the carriage".
Equally funny was the next announcement to "Move away from the doors".
Anyway we got to Spencer Street about eleventy thousand minutes late but I'd left extra early to allow for that so we hadn't missed our train and we launched ourselves into the carriage.

*I've included links to the various towns whose train stations we passed on the way, feel free to click on the links to learn more about what were originally Ten Mile Towns, towns that sprang up roughly 10 miles apart, the distance travellers could manage in a days journeying.

Victorian country train.

Older version country train.
Many of the carriages of this type are named after notable Aussie sports people.

City skyline.

Festival Hall stage door.
Many a groupie/fan has hung around that there door...

Name says it all.

Crossing under some major road which happens to span the Yarra River.

Demolition by neglect.

Sunbury station, once a rural village now fast becoming an outer suburb of Melbourne..

View from (dirty) window.

Leaving Sunbury.

Between Sunbury and Clarkefield is a lonely looking little platform called Rupertswood Station.
Trains no longer stop there so it whipped past me too quickly to grab a photo but you can see, and read about it, HERE.

There is a station and town called Clarkefield after Sunbury which I missed so have a Captain Cook HERE.

More views.

Gisborne Station, where they recycle car rims as hose reels.

Riddells Creek that's not much in evidence.

Macedon Station come next in the sequence but I was unable to get a decent shot of it so you can have a gander HERE and read about the town of Macedon HERE.

Woodend Station, where we will be jumping out next week to travel to Daylesford by road coach.

Sorry it's a tad blurry but the train driver just refused to slow down for my snaps!
Beautifully green everywhere we looked.

Kyneton station (top) with old engine/carriage storage and/or workshop opposite (bottom).

Malmsbury Station, gently growing grass on its not-so-busy platform to cushion not-very-many feet.

Then we finally hit Castlemaine!
Although I think there's a much better shot of the station on Wikipedia HERE.
And a brief run-down on the town HERE.

Next post we'll do the touristy bit all over Castlemaine!


  1. Very cool photos, Jayne. Just lapping up the rail stuff from over here ...

  2. That was one heck of a Castlemaine XXXXing long journey.

  3. What a great train trip past such interesting places. I must get further afield. The older train in your photo, I have travelled on and it was excellent. I wonder if the one you travelled on was as nice.

  4. Thanks, Lisa :)
    Was hoping to snap the different styles for you ;)

    Wait til I travel on the Swan Hill train that (used to) serve beer, Brian!
    That was a definition of responsible service of alcohol in a nutshell :P

    Some of those towns are just blink and miss it, Andrew, but they can have the loveliest buildings or gardens or a particular shop that sells those sweeties you can't get anywhere else.

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