Monday, October 5, 2009

UN vegie patch, earthquakes and drop scones MIA !

 I weeded out the vegie patches, topped 'em up with new compost ( cos I growed such a huge amount of it over Winter) and scattered the seeds and planted seedlings merrily.
Except one patch I have declared to be known as The UN Vegie Patch.
I've planted Armenian Cucumbers, Red Russian Kale and Brussel Sprouts in it; hopefully it will be more productive than that lot what sit with their thumbs stuck up their backsides unable to make a decision at all.

 1911 And, Lo, it was passed with the toilet water that enrollment for every man over the age of 150 should be compulsory for, yea, they did want and wail and gnash of their teeth when the masses did forsake their voting at the polls and thus pollies did swear allegiance to create misery for the sins of the fathers to be visited upon the sons at every national election forever and ever, Amen.

1923 Quebec City was shaken by an earthquake that left windows rattling and triggered several mudslides in the area.
Elizabeth, that's siding with NZ just a little too much!

1973 Two young persons reported sighting a UFO at St Mathias near Quebec.
Of course they did........

1980 And what were you doing at 3.32am on this date?
Can't remember?
How about I give your memory a 'jolt' by reminding you of the 5.6 earthquake that had Napier and Taradale jumpin' and jivin' even hours later with all the aftershocks.

1987 The NZ Gay Taskforce was offered, but rejected, the invitation to play host to the 1988 Lesbian and Gay Association as the white-only Gay Association from Sth Africa was included.

1992 Joan Kirner retired as Premier of Victoria.
And then we were all well and truly Jeffed (next Premier Jeff Kennet for o/s readers. Not popular except in his own lunchbox).


  1. "Except one patch I have declared to be known as The UN Vegie Patch."

    You mean it's full of useless weeds apart from a handful of American cabbages intent on taking over the lot?

  2. Odd that Brussel Sprouts don't come from Brussels.

    Interesting about NZ gay org. Black gay South Africans would outnumber white gay South Africans by ???

  3. Shhh, Brian, don't encourage them :P

    Yep, vegies have odd names, Andrew lol.
    NZ also protested long and loud about the Springbok tour and other similar events.

  4. I love the "UN Vegie patch' - that's excellent :) And what you're planting sounds wonderful. We're at the opposite end of things here in Canada, getting into autumn, starting to pt the heating on in the morning!

  5. I planted Armenian cucumbers about three summers ago. I'm still waiting for them to come up....

  6. an international vege patch aye........... that is of course the one that we bury the international spouses in then is it? LOL

  7. I think Springbok tour was under Piggy Muldoon. I think they tried to tour Qld too, under Joh, and it ended up a right mess.