Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Around the traps...

Some waffle and links to historical bits and bobs;

Castlemaine Gaol is up for sale, apparently, such a shame when it could have been used for any number of uses.

Massive train crash in 1969 known as the Southern Aurora Rail Disaster saw one man hailed a hero - the conductor Alan Hyatt who has passed away this week.

Arrrr, there be gold in them thar...streets.
Yes, more and more mine shafts...sorry, 'sinkholes' ...are opening up all over joint.
Just think of how many might be revealed when the Spring rains start...!

Big double train wooot wooooooooot!
Ararat Railway Museum has hit the 2010 ABC Radio National Regional Museums Award.


  1. Castlemaine Gaol is up for sale?
    How much do they want for it?
    Is it in sound condition?
    Will it take well to renovation?
    Would I get council approval to turn it into apartments?
    Is it in a great location, location, location?

  2. I'd buy Castlemaine Gaol if it came with the authority to imprison those who grate on my nerves. Seems fair, doesn't it?

  3. It housed prisoners up til the early 1990s, River, and has been extensively renovated although you could still put your stamp on it - how's that for real estate waffle?

    Extremely fair, Debby, please feel free to do so!