Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Batmania!!!!

Sorry, a bit light on for historical waffle today, shall be doing a homeschool excursion with Feral Beastie at several of the Melbourne Day events.
Now, for those of you who don't know Melbourne turns 175 years old.
Because, apparently, it didn't exist until the white fella clapped eyes on it.
So....let's be honest - we'll be there for the free food and the chance to topple overboard check out the tall ship Enterprize.
Check out the list of events and attractions HERE.
For more info on the local Indigenous Peoples who make up the Kulin Nation read HERE.
Yes, there will be photos and I may just get around to uploading the hubby's (few and far between) pics from Hurstbridge Wattle Festival, too.
And...OMG the op shop was closed this year!!!
What's with that?!
It's always open and bustling with customers on Festival day, it's never closed?!!
I'll get to the bottom of this humongous mystery....!
Melbourne was almost named Batmania, after one of the founders, John Batman.
Sadly, we were deprived of the opportunity of being known to the whole world as Batmaniacs when Those Who Had More Power Than Taste chose a spot of brown-nosing Lord Melbourne, instead.


  1. Happy Birthday Batmania!!

    That's a really lo-o-o-ong list of events and attractions. Kind of put Adelaide to shame.I'm sure we have stuff going on here, but nothing that extensive. Unless I've had my head in the sand and just not heard about things.

  2. We only went to a couple, River, something called Life got in the way for the rest of it lol.