Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pimp ma wheelchair, baby!

1835 Bust out the dancing slippers, Hortense, we're trespassers!
Gov Richard Bourke (who could be a right Burk when his corset was in a twist) declared that Batman's Treaty with the Wurundjeri Elders was invalid and *gasp* all the settlers in Port Phillip were trespassers.
Onya Dick.
1938/39* The Barnett Avenue Elderly Person's Housing was officially opened, the first purpose-built complex for pensioners provided by a govt body in NZ .
Further details HERE.
*I have both 1938 and 1939 given. Toss a coin!
1957 Rick Hansen, wheelchair athlete, born on this day.
Read more about him and his Man in Motion World Tour, to raise money for spinal cord research, HERE.

Speaking of wheelchairs can you see what the lovely people at Ol' Skool 79 did for us when they fitted a new inner tube to Dad's wheelchair tyre?
Maybe we'll do a close up for you to see it properly....
They put little bullet cap covers on for a laugh to pimp the chair lol.
And, yes, we seriously discussed going with BMX wheels for off-roading in the wheelchair.

And yet more controversy in the Ballarat area over mine shafts appearing after all this rain with some at the Council claiming them as sinkholes.
In a former heavily mined area.
If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck...

The Nylex Clock is still busted.
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  1. ....then it's probably a duck.
    But it could be a witch. See if it floats. Or ha ha , sinks..

  2. Jayne -- We naturally have sink holes in Kentucky due to the limestone rock geology. Sounds rather dangerous for individuals and homes if a "mining shaft" sinkhole were to appear. I hope some organization is examining these sinkholes to determine its cause. -- barbara

  3. Love the cap on the tyre thingy. Must get those for our tandem oi!

  4. Probably, Barbara, but they don't want to rush these things.

    Oooo, yes, would pimp your tandem bigtime, Trace!