Friday, August 27, 2010

Stuff wot 'appened on this 'ere day, me ol' china plate

1907 Frederick Peters was a nice chap (at least his 4 wives thought so!).
So nice, in fact, he trotted across the globe to Sydney and established Peters American Delicacy Co Ltd.
To make ice cream.
Yes, good old Peters Ice cream was birthed.
Miss Bishop was usually found at 117 Bathurst St, Sydney.
She may have been on nodding terms with Frederick Peters.
Image courtesy of Timespanner.
1911 Joseph Pawelka busted out of gaol for the last time.
1942 German U boat sank two ships off the coast of Newfoundland.


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  1. Peters was very careless to have lost three wives.

  2. I'm glad Frederick Peters found his way to our shores. I like Peters Icecream. It's waaaay better than Streets.

  3. Must have spent a long time banging the lumps out of the carpet, Andrew ;)

    See? He was a nice chappie, River lol.

  4. I've lost my i-pod. Some time ago. I still haven't found it. If I lost my husband, I'd really be upset. Of course, I'd also expect the fellow to yell something the fourth or fifth time I circled around with a searching, puzzled look on my face.

  5. Bishop and Peters -- ice cream and cake -- has a nice ring to it -- I think they should have joined forces to sell their products.-- barbara

  6. Yes, Debby, but then again, some men just don't get the whole 'communication' thing.
    And, let's be honest, maybe Peters was happy for his missus' to stay lost?

    Exactly my thoughts, Barbara, but being early 20th century Oz they would have probably been stoned as heathens and witches and sent packing if they'd suggested such a scandalous thing lol.