Sunday, August 29, 2010

When I kick the boys out I really let my hair down....or How I Lost My Fun Factor

Lordy, I've had a lovely few hours and I didn't go anywhere!
Looking after Dad is exhausting sometimes, more mentally than physically (on top of battling with a stressed out Aspie), but lately we've been battling to get him to eat properly only to have him refuse, call us names and out-right lie about his food.
Even his GP has given him a talking to, not that it did much *sigh*.
It's become this big bone of contention in the house and I just could not deal with his abuse on my own again today so at the last minute I got hubby to take Dad as well as Feral Beast kidlet off to the Hurstbridge Wattle Festival.
And I have had time to myself in the house for more than an hour for the first time in I-don't-know-how-long!
I've deboned last night's roast chook and turned it into casserole with the vegies, boiled up the chook carcass for stock, scrubbed the baking dishes, washed (by hand) 3 loads of laundry and hung most of it out, mopped the floors and nommed my way through a block of chocolate.
Now, all good things must come to an end and, apparently, they're on their way home.
I haven't had time to lay out the man and bear traps finish the laundry, yet.


  1. Sometimes all we need is to have some time to ourselves regardless of how we spend that time.
    I'll admit that sometimes it would be nicer to have more than we get, but hey! Anything is better than nothing too.
    Next time you need a hand with the traps let me just never know who I have acquaintance with from a previous life. Maybe they could come give you a hand!

  2. You certainly have a good attitude about life. You do have a plateful and you still are able to write a funny post about it all. -- barbara

  3. I wrote three reports and read two chapters and dinked around on the computer and put a roast in the crock pot. Then I took a shower.

    It's not the same, is it?

    *scans house*


    No, it's not.

  4. Ah well, you would have loved the festival, but you have been before. Good choice to stay home for some me time. But washing darls. In Oz we do the washing not laundry and keep your hand near the quick release on the mangle.

  5. I'm with you on the luxury of getting stuff done around the house without repeatedly dashing to a different room to ask, "What was that? The tap was on."