Thursday, September 30, 2010

Babbling waffle....with golden syrup on the side

Am lodging written complaint with hospital tomorrow, after having typed screeds and screeds.
Yes, I do have a photographic memory, something to do with recalling every.tiny.detail when nursing - which also involved giving a shit about my patients but hey, I'm ready to admit I'm a dinosaur and out of fashion.
The Pater is reclining in comfort and about to get the full workout when he trots off to rehab to which he tried to say "no, no, no" but we, physios/doctors/OTs and the bloke down the street don't take no for an answer.
Speaking of the bloke down the street the new next door neighbour chickybabe moved in.
I shall miss my next-door-bois, they were lovely lads.
Now, I have to break in brainwash train get another stranger used to us.
I hope she at least enjoys the odd Cold Chisel or Oils or Crowded House or Canned Heat.
At full volume.
At the ungodly hour of 4pm in the arvo on a Sat'dee after mowin' the lawn an' weedin' the garden when we bust out the cans of home-brand soft drink to slurp as we sprawl over the grass clippings....with the chooks.
Yes, we're regular party animals in this house.
Miss Beverley has been venturing out and about with the ballsy bully girls Trinian and Latte although she's left the whole length of the yard in between them.
Doin' the "I Told Ya So" jig while reading that the science dudes have found the genetics proving ADHD not only exists but that it's a "neurodevelopmental condition".
Ner, ner, ner ,ner , ner.
Yeah, I know.
Sooooooooooo mature *rolls eyes*.
But it does feel good *snort*.


  1. I wish I were your neighbour, I love all those bands too!

  2. Jayne -- It sounds like you have the care of your father under control. Its always good to be an advocate for family care and get things done right. -- barbara

  3. LOL Cazzie.
    A neighbour over the back discovered his parents old Oils and Hunters and Collectors records and started playing them full bore a few summers back.
    Oddly, no one complained lol.

    Thanks, Barbara.
    That's the thing, people can try to bluff or intimidate when they're in the wrong but, especially in the case of medicine, if you think something stinks, speak up!

  4. Good on you Jayne, keeping people on their toes, (not that that should be necessary!). Would also enjoy your Saturday afternoon raves. Also loved the Champion chook! Am in catch up mode after a trying week - as you know...

  5. As soon as I heard that on the news I went, "Stupid bastards, Jayne could have told you that"
    I talk to myself a lot especially during the news.

  6. You did the "I told you so" jig??

    Damn! I wish I'd been there to see that.

  7. "I hope she at least enjoys the odd Cold Chisel or Oils or Crowded House or Canned Heat."

    At first I thought you were doing house renos.