Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da, life goes on, brah!

Well, the old boy isn't the best; he has pneumonia, urinary infection (think razor blades, boys), chronic renal failure and a heart rate that's up the Wazoo from too thin blood - antibiotic interacted with the Warfarin, yadda yadda yadda, we get blood that's too thin screwing with heart rates.
But he's as silly as a wheel, cracking jokes and segueing from one subject straight into another with hilarious results.
To quote "Derek & Clive" -
Laugh? We almost pissed ourselves.
I'll restrain myself from putting in a link to the .....Oh, bugger it, no I won't.
Here is the link to the flatulent patient screeching for a nurse skit.
Go on, you know you wanna listen to it.
Not that Dad is farting himself silly.
He's just burbling happily away on oxygen like a 2 pot screamer.
Some of his conversation (appropriately enough during dementia week)
"It's a lovely day out there (looking out the window). In fact it's such a lovely day I could piss on a wall."
"Of course Friday is market day! Friday and Wednesday! Wednesday was laundry day and Friday was until 11 o'clock at night!"
I have nfi what they called that last hour!
Looking at the door to his room and frowning,
"In all seriousness....I highly doubt that door is plumb."
Later after another 20 mins of burble,
"If you just plane about an eighth of an inch just off that side that door would be ok." Turning to look at us giggling he said with a straight face "I have no idea how they got that past the building inspector."
Pointing to the sky out of his window,
"I like the look of that out there, it looks rather nice."
Pointing to feral kid he said,
"You know what that blue thing is out there? Well, make sure they don't change it, ok?"
Feral kid looked at me and asked how does one not change the sky?!

I told him it was nice to see him with pink fingers instead of blue ones to which he said his fingers were always pink. I reminded him they'd been blue for a few weeks to which he then replied, waving his hand in a Royal manner,
"Oh, that's just all the work I do around the house."
Cheeky sod!

Barbara has just blogged a lovely post and pics of swallows and their mud nests.
Did you know they're in decline?
Coincidentally I had snapped some pics of old swallows mud nests under the Janevale Bridge that enters Laanecoorie just this Monday.
The swallows were swooping further along the bridge, over the water, where their current nests are.
These are Welcome Swallows.
This bridge was also the largest reinforced concrete bridge built and designed by General Sir John Monash.


  1. Your dad sounds like a cheeky old git. Was he a fun dad when you were little?

  2. That always makes me feel a little sad, when the body outlives the brain. I always thought that would be the worst. And then I cared someone who had been in a coma for years, and the staff said, "She can hear you, and will blink her eyes once for yes, and twice for no. I have to tell you that I had nightmares about brain outliving my body. I think that would be even worse. I've decided that when I go, I want all body parts to decamp at the same time.

  3. The brain makes some bizarre leaps when it's under fire - and they're completely logical to the person making them, so you have to just go with it! Can be an odd, but rewarding experience.

  4. A two pot screamer. I like it! Thanks for the edifying link.

  5. Oh, I suppose at least he is enjoying himself. What your Dad was saying about the sky reminded me of an old REM song -Fall on ME. Do you remember it? It was about the sky being sold off, polluted etc. He might have a point with that one.

  6. Just dropping in to say I hope all is well. Thinking of you.


  7. My kids go to school where I did. Where Sarah lines up to go into class there is a swallow's nest. When they go up the stairs to go into clas it is not unusual to be swooped by them as they come and go from their nest. Funny enough, those nests have been in the same location since I attended the same school! I wonder how many swallow families have "gone through" that nest location. I wonder if it is the same swallow family in fact.. hmm