Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oz Spring Traditions for overseas readers

On this day a few of my bloggy friends learnt some Spring traditions from Oz.
Sugar soap - this is when the housewife/househusband/any old body in the house fancy turns to a new coat of paint and the walls be needin' a scrubbin'.
Oiling the deck -  as Aussies have evolved, in recent years, to sprout decking around the outside of their abodes a new tradition has begun which involves the manly scrubbin' and cleaning of the decks before oiling the decks can commence.
As I have taken over this job this year and I used Canola oil we shall soon see if I will keep this job in the coming months *snort*.
Better Homes and Gardens - as the sun peeks out more people begin the seasonal sheddin' of the Winter sloth and rediscover both the tv show and new gardening trends along with new Frankenstein hybrids the scientists bred in petri dishes over the Winter months.
Spring Cleaning the BBQ - this involves much scrunched up newspaper, oil, stainless steel, swearing, purchasing charcoal, refilling the gas bottle (unless it's passed its use-by date and is headed for holding up the bodgy end of the outdoor table setting) and battling the male of the abode who has spied the latest BBQ model in the catalogue and is finding every excuse why it is necessary to 'invest' in the newer version.
This includes the wild promises of cooking every meal out doors, as well as being responsible for the traditional roasts.
Should the dog start licking the decking or the table wobble too much or the neighbourhood cats dig up the latest hybrid Spring plant or the male sneak in the new BBQ you can be assured there will be much sugar soap scrubbed with vigour across the Great Isle of Oz!


  1. Rolled out the barbie for the first time last weekend. :)

  2. That canola oil idea's a winner ... might claim it as my own!! Thanx for dropping by!

  3. Canola oil. *blink* Would have never even thought of that. I'd have been thinking of some sort of mineral oil. Did it soak into the wood? Let us know, in a month how it's worked out for you. We use Thompson's Weather Seal every other year.

  4. J Bar...where's my invite?! lol

    I'll let you know if it works ok, Red, seems good for now, though :)

  5. Oops, missed you there, Deb.
    Yep, soaked in a treat and is repelling water very well but time will be the proof ;)

  6. You used canola oil? It's possible it will be drawn to the surface and become sticky to walk on when the weather warms up. You may have to rip up the decking and use it to fuel the barbie....

  7. I'll invite you over to toast marshmallows, River :P

  8. Your rites of spring sound very similar to ours here in Uncle Sam country.-- barbara

  9. Ohhh I heart better homes and gardens :)

  10. Ha ha, I think there's a fair few BBQ rites and marinades that are similar, too, Barbara!

    I try to sneak a peek when the boys are out, Cazzie ;)