Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Penguins stealin' freaky hot alien chicks to the moon

Bajillions of photos loading up still.
Don't hold your breath for any appearing tonight.
Cos this lil black duck is shifting her arse to bed before they'll be ready.
On another topic....how was the full moon tonight?!
Or were you blinded by the one that appeared at the Brownlow last night?
Anywho, he always goes off at the full moon.
Now he's claiming it's the work of those evil, dastardly penguins on the moon who are (and I quote)
"Stealin' all our hot chicks."
Hot chicks are finally shown to be the alien freaks us garden variety earth gals (who aren't that easy) always suspected.
Freaky alien freakazoids.
Just get on up to that there moon and leave us a fighting chance to find a middling-to-reasonably passable mate to stick our talons into and drag back to the vulture nest we call home where we can devour his soul at leisure.

Some are through!
I'll leave you with this teaser and schedule a post for tomorrow morning for the rest.


  1. Is this the house way behind the gates under the pepper tree in the next post?
    The one I've called dibs on and named mine?
    It's so sweet.

  2. No, this is another one up the Hard Hills track, obviously in need of some TLC ;)