Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 4

Well, by now you'll have all heard the news out of The Shaky Isles.
More info on the earthquake HERE.
Best wishes to all, hope everyone has remained safe.
Further info on the recent quakes and 'aftershocks' HERE.

1863 The wreck of the Delaware; bugger the boat, check out the brave chickybabe who helped save the crew.
Further details on Huria Matenga HERE.
1916 Sir Billy Hughes was booted out of the NSW Labor Party.
Something to do with 'promoting conscription'.
When Dad worked at Parliament House post-WW2 he knew him as a mad little freakazoid.
1917 The Montreal Municipal Library was officially opened.
Wait til they see the DVD movies the future has in store for them to borrow on their library card....!

The Nylex Clock is still busted.
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  1. Some photos of the ‘quake aftermath. Apart from chimneys toppling (which usually happens in situations like this), most of the images show damage to the two-to-three storey Victorian-Edwardian architecture. especially in the commercial centres. I recall the tram guide saying a few years ago when I was last in Christchurch how they had a ban in some parts of the city on buildings higher than that due to earthquake risk. Looks like even that hasn't saved buildings from before the new earthquake regulations and strengthening procedures. Christchurch will have lost quite a bit of heritage with this quake.

  2. Have just been talking to friends. Ground liquification has been an issue for them, though minor- but they couldn't open doors and their garage looks like it needs replacing. My aunty has lost ornaments, and has no water at present. Bro-in-law of a friend has had to leave his house as it is unsafe. Effects almost seem
    'random' but I imagine soil type will be part of the reason.

  3. Jayne -- I admit I did not know about your terrible earthquake. I am rather a recluse at times when I am deep into reading. I read your link on the event. Please keep us posted on the aftermath. -- barbara

  4. By the photos in that link, Lisa, it looks like some lovely heritage buildings are ready for demolition :(

    Glad you and your family are all in one piece, Kiwi Nomad and Lisa!

    We're ok here in Melbourne, Australia, Barbara, it's New Zealand "across the ditch" had a nasty earthquake.
    Although we've had a 'inland moisture event' of flooding proportions.