Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sharin' the birthday love all 'round

Dad was so sick for his birthday he ended up at the GP, then having xrays at the hospital then home to doze for the rest of what remained for his birthday while we waited for the local pharmacy to get in the super-dooper heavy duty antibiotics.
My fabulous cousin dropped by with a sensational Black Forest cake from Wild Holly Cakes which cheered him up and which we inhaled in tiny increments...
Yeah, they got a freebie plug.
Cos their cake is so freakin' scrumptious.
And lighter than air so you don't realise you've nommed the whole lot...except for the unladylike belch at the end.
And they support the Brighton Historical Society, so they must, like, totally rock.

Events in history on this day?
Too, too busy wondering how to stuff the extra quiches in my tummy....


  1. I hate cake. But that looks like it may turn me.

    Ommmm nommm nommmm

  2. Forget the cake, I love that box!

  3. Cake made with all low fat ingredients, I'm sure. What a great idea to support a historical society. I may well visit the cake shop for that reason alone.

  4. I hope your Dad is feeling better today. I think that cake could cure just about anything very effectively. Yum.

  5. About to dive into that cake (virtually) when I got gobsmacked by Kelly... you hate cake? What the?

    Feel better Jayne's Dad!

  6. OMG, perfect recovery cake, just what I need! Happy Birthday to your Dad.

  7. OMG!
    Kelley's on the turn!
    Batten down the hatches...! :P

    Isn't it great, Cazzie? :)

    It's certainly grabbed my attention, Andrew, and (apart from the fabulous cake) enticed me to visit their store ;)

    Thanks, LiD, I think he et his slice of cake in record time :)

    Thanks, BB, it's soooooo light and fluffy, it could make Tinkerbell better :)

    Yes, I highly recommend it as recovery cake for you, Fen :)
    Hope you're more comfy at home now xxx

  8. Black Forest cake? -- Hhmm - sounds interesting! -- barbara

  9. Happy birthday to your dad. As one health-conscious Virgo to another, I'm sure his condition was much ameliorated by that fabulous cake.