Monday, September 27, 2010

Spoiling chookens

Well, chickdees, I was going to say that Dad was on the up and up but today he's gone back a bit so we'll hold off on the Grand Parade for his return home.
The men folk found a pretty little Silkie hen which happened to 'follow them home' (after money exchanged hands with the breeder) and we are now blessed with a Buff Silkie hen daintily stepping about the fernery (as our 2 big white Leghorn gals, Trinian and Latte, were too bold, brassy and bullying for the little lady).
I can see this one being spoilt.
Must go macerate her mash with my own teeth before slowly roasting it in a light marinade of olive oil and oregano -
I'm only kidding!
Who on earth would use oregano as a roasting marinade when there's buckets of thyme available?
yes, yes, kidding.

Edit - 
The delightfully dainty Silkie now sports the moniker of Beverley.


  1. What do you mean you're kidding?
    Go ahead and feed her the slowly roasted macerated whatever, instead of eggs, she may lay ready made Italian omelettes for you....

  2. It's funny how leghorns are the 'archetypal' chook - if you do a simple word association test, hardly anyone would think of a silkie! Sadly, same goes for roast chicken!!

    Happy travels!

  3. I think we want photos of your Silkie. Now I wrote that quite innocently, yet it sounds naughty. Must be just my mind.

  4. Yes. Beverley must be photographed.

  5. I think we've spoiled the chookens enough, with them beating the Tigers and all! Here I go again, crying in my pretzels for the unteenth time!

    Take Care,

  6. I don't remember the teeth maceration part in Alyson Hill's chook book. Lol!