Friday, September 3, 2010

Waving, not drowning

All during the week I planned to be at the State Library on this very day doing research work in the newspaper microfilms - well, for as long or as little as my eyes would let me - when I won tickets to an event yesterday.
The catch was that I had to pick them up from the State Library today.
Ahuh, I hear the Universe, loud and clear.
So, feral kid and I trotted in, collected the tickets (which are to an event this Sunday involving history, of all things!) then we got stuck into the research.
There were a few others in the room, one in particular who was becoming increasingly agitated and loud in his speech.
I was keeping an ear on him, judging him to be a possibly unmedicated schizophrenic by his mutterings, behaviour and flat effect when he began making wild LOUD confrontational statements to total strangers about murder, following the person out of the microfilm room into the library.
Feral kidlet was getting upset and I packed it in straight away, informing the security staff at the front desk on our way out.
I'm sure some people would prefer to blame this poor bloke's parents entirely for his behaviour, rather than say that 'shocking' M word out aloud - Mental Illness.
*gasp* Oops, it slipped out!
What'll it be next, a fine, 30 days in gaol or a week in the stocks for mentioning that dreaded word in polite society?
*insert sarcastic eye rolling and flipping the bird here*
No, Mental Illness is not an excuse but it can be the reason behind a lot of disturbed, violent behaviour. 

1979 CFMT-TV was blasted onto the air for the first time in 26 languages, the world's first private full-time multi-lingual TV channel.
1994 Absolutely Glamourous Lesbian Spring Ball held with gay abandon in St George's Hall in Newtown.
2005 The Kiwi team won 4 gold medals in the World Rowing Championships in Gifu, Japan.

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  1. I'm so glad you informed the security staff. So many people would have just hurried away, being glad they'd kept themselves safe. I hope the person he followed was not harmed in any way.
    I'm not afraid to say Mental Illness, my hubby is mentally ill and I tell anyone who asks.

  2. Once upon a time I would have tried to settle him and got him help but he was a big lad and my own boy was getting upset.