Friday, October 1, 2010

50 Cent proves he's not the full quid

Unless you've been living under a rock recently you'll have heard of at least 4 young American teens who've commited suicide over bullying.
The fact the bullies claimed some of their victims were gay does not prove that these youths were gay but it does prove the bullies are morons.
And now 50 Cent has Tweeted that gay men should commit suicide.
Why should anyone be allowed to blather drivel like that on a social networking program?
Will dragging someone into the gutter, metaphorically speaking, and bashing them with vile words until they kill themselves make the big bad boogey man go away for the poor widdle defenceless (C)rapper boy?
Ellen has posted a perfectly blunt message in this video against the bullying epidemic.
We cannot afford for this bullshyte bullying to continue, either here in Australia, in America, in the UK or in Timbuktu.
Because the price of our children's lives is far too high.
What a shame 50 Cent is obviously too stupid to appreciate that simple fact.


  1. I wouldn't give you one thin dime for 'fiddy cent'

    I roll my eyes at the publicity stunts these no talent wannabes pull. Now he's the latest twitter talked about.

    Too bad he gets his instant notoriety through violence.

    Not that 'fiddy cent' could knock the crust off a sago pudding. Hmm, thems that protest the loudest, ya think?

  2. What an arse.

    I just looked on his stream and he is too scared to swear - putting "*" in to replace letters in Sh*t. However is happy to be openly homophobic.

    What an arse.

  3. Unbelieve! I despair of this rotten rapper. Who doesn't he hate?

  4. How ridiculous. He's making a fool of himself with such silly statements.

  5. Front page of the Local had item AboutmyAge internet site for seniors having some of their members being cyber bullied after going into the chat rooms. I'd tell you more but the other half of the paper was torn and lost in the wind.

    50 Cent isn't the full quid.

  6. Weirdly, 50c 's vilification singles out gay men??!! Does that mean his comments don't apply to gay women?? Rap doesn't appeal to me anyway, but it'll be a hot day in the tundra before I even consider entertaining the thought that I might actually buy something that has 50c name attached to it ...

    Happy travels!

  7. I'm gobsmacked!
    Speechless too.
    There really is no place for such intolerance.

  8. It's all about the publicity. I hope this publicity reaches around and bites him in his nether region.