Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blather and Next Aussie Book Give-Away

Have been plodding about the house doing exciting things like mopping floors and getting up close and personal with the wringer, again.
Today the Snoring One took our feral offspring to a book talk/lecture at the State Library, where much jocularity was had.
Guess what????
The feral beastie of my loins has been cooking!
Without anyone holding his dinosaurs/transformers/Pokemon hostage over a flaming pit of fire.
Yesterday he learned how easy it is to make a basic potato salad.
He kept asking "But isn't there something else I need to do?"
He also cooked sausages in a pan for us - besting his fear of the stove top and the gas flame.
Today he has asked to cook chicken kebabs - the chicken-on-a-skewer-with-tomatoes-and-stuff type kebab, not the souvlaki sort.
Will teach him the easy peasy way of doing home made souvlaki in a few days.
Seriously, it's dead easy.
But, yeah, he's cooking!
And enjoying it!
A random shot of Dad's morning tea - fruit mince tart, apple pie smothered in whipped cream and the obligatory cuppa tea.

And Cheryl has twisted my arm with her wily way with words, and I've joined up for NaNoWriMo.
Cos that's what you do when you have so much free time on your hands....when the river-and-rock-washing-in-the-backyard has let you have a 5 min break one must write like there's no tomorrow...or at least write some drivel to keep out of mischief.
And we tracked down a WHOLE Queensland Blue pumpkin and carved that sucker into a Jack-o-Lantern.
No pumpkin was wasted in the making of this critter.
Although there was the odd hockey mask shuddering in fear.

And for the next book give-away....
We have the 1985 edition of Ginger Meggs at Large looking for a new home.
While a cartoon character, Ginger Meggs appeals to all ages.
Except those who suck lemons before arising from their bed.
Let me know, in a self-addressed comment of 1,000 words or more, how many Jack o Lanterns is allowed before one steps over the bounds of good taste into vulgar obsession.


  1. Oooh. I've never been clear on one constitutes stepping over the bounds of good taste into vulgarity, until I've gone and done something and found myself looking 'round and saying, 'Hm. What's up with all the vulgarity?!!! Wait...oopsy.'

    One jack-o does not a vulgarity become. Unless he's wearing sequins.

    *looks around*

    'What's up with all the vulgarity?!!! Wait...oopsy.'

  2. I'd say when you can't see the yard for pumpkins. When they're filling the house and spilling out of windows doors, even chimneys, then you've probably got enough.

    On the other subject, Feral Beastie is cooking?? Yay! one more step towards independence. For you I mean. Because now when he asks what's for dinner, you can airily wave a hand and say cook something.

  3. wow at the pumpkin that impressive...whooo hoo for fb cooking thats awesome. Nothing beats kids in the kitchen cooking and seeing the look on thier face when they see what they have produced. Hey I love those eco cups, that you had in ya dads photo above. I use mine heaps.

  4. Jayne, So you have a new chef. I noticed your carved pumpkin. I am pretty sure that is a Jarrahdale pumpkin. Here in the states we don't usually carve them -- used mostly for decoration although they are delicious when baked. The Jarrahdale pumpkins are costly here -- start at 10.00 and up... -- barbara

  5. erm, that pumpkin is the wrong color. I think it's gone funny.

    Thought you ort to know.

  6. Oh man... my Dad is the pumpkin king! Not carving them - growing them. I currently have three sitting on my back steps waiting patiently for my attention...

    A question: How can pumpkins be vulgar? Are their skirts too short? Their stalks too tall??

    *scratches head and ponders this mystery*