Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dad has entered his 2nd childhood and I'm looking for the naughty chair...

The old boy is still in hosp, still no closer to finding out what, if anything, is actually wrong with him (that is stopping him from eating and swallowing).
We know it's def not a stroke or a broken limb cos the late night head CT scans and foot x-rays (don't ask, I don't want to know, either!) say nay.
We know there's nothing wrong with his gullet or gob (apart from the cheek he spouts) cos the speech pathologist said nay.
We know the physio and the OT have recommended rehab and the medicos are still running tests to rule out some nasties and 'plain old' depression.
Today, after The Pater made it clear he'd become comfy in the hosp and called me rude names when I tried to get him to eat his special soft, moist, high calorie diet at lunch, I cornered the poor intern and put in my official request for a naso-gastric or PEG tube to feed Dad.
If they rule everything out, he gets one in.
Quick, River!
Pop around!
I'm doing the Happy Happy, joy, joy "I told ya so" jig again.
Have sent The Spouse up to the hosp with a  hot gourmet chicken and leek pie (wrapped in foil in a Tupperware box inside a insulated bag), complete with tomato sauce sachet, to tempt the fussy old fart's taste buds.
Also, packed several slices of lemon iced cake and iced marble cake.
Reminded me of packing school lunches *snort*.
Pity a detention won't make any difference with this big kid!


  1. Please send me some of that cake and some of that meal if your Dad is my patient too!.. yummo!
    So, did the threat get your dad's ears popping and him eating and drinking? Sometimes that works.. I do hope your Dad's problems are sorted soon :)

  2. I hope things get worked out soon.

  3. I could be cheeky and rude if it would get me that meal. You can even call me an old fart too. : )

  4. Wow, Ro. It's funny how the yumminess of the food described overrules the medical talk in this post. :-)

    I hope they can figure out what's going on and I hope they listen to the trained nurse whose been tending to him day in day out for years. ;-)

    Xxx Devs

  5. And you're telling me to take it easy, HAH!

  6. Maybe his taste buds have died and nothing tastes good anymore?

    And damn, I missed the happy jig again. *sigh*