Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Do not go gentle into that screwed up ward

If it is a UTI I don't hold out much hope for it ever being treated.
Seriously, this must be the most fucked up ward I've come across.
Very few nurses are regulars, it's new faces each day, so there's no continuity at all.
Plus the fact no one is capable of communicating At.All.
I've been telling the staff for days that he's going further downhill, becoming more confused, are you sure he's not brewing another URTI or UTI?
I may as well talk to brickwalls.
If I've told them once, I've told them a fucking million times.
And each time I get the piss-weak excuse of "Aww, I can pass the message on but it's hard to get a sample from someone so incontinent."
Again, I state quietly, calmly and CLEARLY,
"Oooooo, I didn't know that."
FFS, give me fucking strength.
The other day? Morning shift nurse giving a partial hand-over of my father in the frigging ward loud as you please telling all and sundry that they needed to collect another fecal spec, having already collected 2 "just to rule out abdo bleeding and occult bloods."
D'you really think the other 3 patients, their visitors and myself needed to hear that?
Do you seriously have any kind of fucking concept of patient privacy?
Another nurse insisted we leave Dad's socks on his feet as we helped him into bed - excuse me? He has a  fluid retention problem, his feet and ankles swell up making socks cut into him, plus it is completely contraindicated for pressure area prevention to allow a patient to wear socks in bed.
Yesterday AM nurse told me he was eating really well ....with his untouched lunch sitting in front of me after he'd been taken to have a scan. Dad admitted there was no food left when he got back from the scan so how the fuck can they justify writing that he ate his lunch completely?!
Evening nurse had no idea I'd been in or that Dad had had a scan or that I'd suggested (once more) that he might be brewing another infection.
Cos the AM nurse hadn't passed it on.
Today? The bung was back in his hand, nurse was busy so I called up to get the goss after I got home.
First I got the complete run down of the wrong fucking patient.
Yes, after I'd CLEARLY identified myself and Dad by name and bed number.
The next nurse tried to tell me he'd encouraged dad in his meals and that he'd eaten well.
Bullshit, the EXTRA SMALL meal ordered for him had barely been touched and no one was near Dad when I got there.
He ate his sweets with MY fucking encouragement.
Then I asked about the bung.
Apparently I imagined it as the nurse kept denying that it existed, that he'd removed it that morning as it wasn't needed - it was only just put back in Dad's freaking hand this morning.
I asked for the doctors to be paged so I could speak to them.
I'm still fucking waiting.


  1. Is it worth emailing every state/federal politician who has ever had some responsibility for the health system? I don't want to be presumptuous (as I don't actually know you!), but perhaps the time for more heavy handed action is here?? The more of us who complain about the shortcomings of the health system, the more our governments need to 'get' that the 'Australian people' actually want a working health system??

    Take care, hope you get satisfaction soon.

  2. Hey Jayne, I have been catching up on your blog. I am sorry to read about your dad and the problems you have had with his medical treatment.

    I think wanting to play in sooky la la land is a normal reaction given the frustration you have had to deal with.

    Was astounded me reading about the treatment or lack there of is that no one seems to want to take responsability.

    I know its not much but hugs from me.

  3. Thanks, Red.
    Why I'm so pissed is that I used to be a nurse and the whole thing is just a disgraceful shambles!
    Dad was on an adjacent ward late last year and couldn't have had better care, the contrast is amazing.

    Thanks, Janine, much appreciated xxx.

  4. Imagine what it would be like for someone without some inside knowledge? Well, perhaps what they don't know would not hurt them. It really is not good at all and is it mostly to do with there being so many 'call in' nurses, a money saving option for hospitals.

  5. My sister's pet hate, Agency nurses who won't do a thing or listen to anyone especially at handover.
    You don't need much to do a UTI test, I used to do it at home with mum and I'm not a nurse.
    Forget the doctors, they usually know less than the nurses.

  6. I know nothing short of a good nurse is going to help at this point - but how about a laugh at my buddy 'jen's expense?

    My heart went out to her (but I'm sure there is a revenge song in the making):


  7. You two are really getting the run around aren't you?

    This is just so, so bad. Isn't there anything you can do?