Monday, October 4, 2010

Doctor Donna has landed in this time dimension in our yard

Dad is still doin' his thang of "Me no eat'a da food" and gracefully tries to decline before the very eyes of the staff.
Gourmet pie got poked with a fork and called crap with nary a speck soiling his lips, the iced lemon and marble cakes were squashed into a mess by day 2 of sitting on his over-bed table so we tossed them and the stone cold pie (before it grew legs and walked to the rubbish bin itself).
In other news the natural underground springs that trickle at the local train station were out in force yesterday (being bright, warm and sunny weather).
Obviously symbolically weeping for the Colly-wobbles win on Saturday.
History Week in Victoria is coming up later this month; go check out the long list of events happenin' on that week and go nuts.
Garn, you know you wanna do the Mostly Murders tour of the Cheltenham cemetery.
Miss Beverley has a partner in crime, a black Silkie named Dr Donna.
Cos we bought her in Noble Park + Donna Noble  = Dr Donna.
Seriously, d'ya think I'm going to trot all over the backyard screeching under every shrub "Donna Noble, are you there?" a la David TenInch Tennent-style.
I am not.
It's Dr Donna exploring the yard with Miss Beverley sans Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick.
TARDIS optional.
Edit -
Please note....when the nurse fails to clean a patient's teeth - be they natural or dentures - there develops a build up of food and scum upon them.
When the patient is unable to swallow or eat properly, this compounds the build up on the teeth.
When the doctor casts his/her baby blues over the patient's mouth and teeth immediately after the patient has eaten vanilla Fruche yoghurt they can mistake the poor oral hygiene/food for thrush.
Which is the latest we-have-nfi-what-the-problem-is-but-we-won't-admit-it-and-will-grasp-desperately-at-straws-while-your-Dad-becomes-fully-dependent-and-someone-else's-problem.


  1. Not good! Hospitalization... you don't need that for when your DaD gets home!

  2. I shudder to think what would happen if ever the two sides to your post should ever merge ... Dr Donna at the nursing home?!?!?! Hell, it might just work!

    Happy travels!!

  3. They don't clean his teeth? That's disgusting!

    Hooray for Dr Donna. Miss Beverley is no longer alone.

  4. ooh there's a cemetery in Cheltenham? I'd better check it out!
    As long as there's no metacrisis with the Dr Donna then things will be cool!

  5. Oh no - thinking of you and your Dad. Tell him the next calendar is nearly ready!!!!

  6. You DO know, right, that if someone came here for the first time EVER, they'd have just a bit of difficulty making heads or tails of this post?

    Only RURAL Aussies (who just happen to also have blogs) and those who read them know what chooks are.

    On the other hand, even us Yanks can understand the issues with the healthcare system and people.

  7. I'm still shaking my head at them not cleaning his teeth...

    lol @ Dr Donna and Miss Beverly

  8. There's one nurse at the home who will not do anything like this for the patients so I can't imagine why in hell she became a nurse.