Friday, October 15, 2010

Goody goody gum drops

Dad's had an up day, today, feeding himself most of the time and eating a shedload.
It's pureed but, hey, it's food.
He even sat at the bathroom mirror and shaved himself after his shower, something he hasn't done since a week before he went into hosp.
He's enjoying the quiz shows on the idiot box again, getting his grey matter working and having something to interest him outside of the next cuppa tea or bowl of ice cream (smothered in topping and Choc Top).
He even made a cheeky, joking reference to his weight loss when (yet another) weight loss ad came on the tv,
"Well, I certainly didn't have any trouble losing weight. I just stopped eating."
(Which we do not recommend as a diet or weight loss program!)
He hasn't had a drowsy moment (yet), has remained orientated to time, place and person while holding prefectly lucid conversations with visiting nurses and friends on the phone.
And he's looking forward to the return of Mastermind on UKTV.
It's the little things....


  1. Glad Dad has had an up day #thumbsup

    (I bet he doesn't flip the bird does he ?)

  2. That's cool stuff to read. And it's made my day. Same my end my Mum is up and doing her stuff. She's at least taking things nice and slow which is a wise move on her part.

    Here's to good stuff!
    Hugs to ya
    Liz aka part time blog troll on occasions

  3. It's very good to hear that he's feeling better. You all were due a break.

  4. Topping AND choc top? Go Dad!
    So glad to read about the up days when they happen.

    I caught a glimpse of my hubby in the city last week, he was getting on to a bus and didn't see me.
    Geez, I wish he'd shave. He's got that whole "wild man of the mountains" thing going.

  5. Glad to hear you've all had an easier day for once. Hope there's more where that came from!

  6. Oh that IS good news. Good on him - keep your pecker up old fella!