Thursday, October 21, 2010

He's got an appetite and he's almost not afraid to use it...give or take a scoop of ice cream, cheesecake optional

Roll up, roll up, boys and girls!
Yes, the mad old cow is alive and babbling forth a torrent of drivel yet again.
No, sadly they haven't passed a law in parliament to have my jaws wired shut.
So, where were we?
Ah, yes, next week is History Week here in Victoria!
Pop over the border or fly in from overseas, we'll put the kettle on and have a batch of scones waiting for you.
Seriously, knock yourself out with some fab events taking place that you're not likely to see during the rest of the year or , who knows, you may discover some great like-minded souls involved in a local history group you've meant to join but never got around to contacting.
Dad is getting back to his old self; snuck out of bed this morning and was merrily showering himself before the Spouse realised it wasn't moi coughing up a lung under the hot steam.
He's slowly gaining the weight again, he's currently at 66kgs and he tackled 2 pieces of toast (which he et) after his cornflakes this morning, a big step up from his preferred soft diet.
With the warmer weather this week he's been able to go up to the shops, via wheelchair, twice so far which has been an enormous mental boost for him, although he forgets he's not 21 anymore and he over-uses his spoon allowance.
Like this morning; he's having a snooze at the moment, recharging from his exertions this morning before he gets to enjoy the 25 degrees of blazing Spring sunshine out and about at the shops.
I'm hoping to take Dad to some or at least one event in History Week next week, keep your fingers crossed the weather behaves and the feral tribe is able to sally forth into the general public once more *snort*
Dad at Dunolly in August reading some H.E Bates.


  1. Gald your Dad has picked up speed and his appetite.
    It's a nearby local towns' Macquarie 2010 Bicentenary this weekend and I'm hoping I can get to a few things.

  2. I was going to say he looks like I imagined, then I remembered I saw him in Botanic Gardens with you.

  3. You're doing an awesome job Jayne - I think you're amazing :)


  4. Even if they HAD passed a law to have your jaws wired shut, that wouldn't stop you blogging, would it?!?!?!

  5. You must be doing an amazing job Jayne, with your dad picking up so well lately.
    Looking forward to posts about the History Week.
    And I agree with Red Nomad, wired jaws won't stop you typing.

  6. Jayne, Nice to hear your dad had done some improving. You'll have to fill us in on your History Week -- barbara

  7. Breaking news...cheerful post induces smile on face of Ontario woman.