Saturday, October 16, 2010

Might pull my finger out and do some work

Looks like we're having another up day with Dad, so I may just be able to get my slack arse into gear and update the Dunolly chronology blog which has languished, forlorn and abandoned, since October 2.
Tsk, tsk, such lazy bloggers, these days.


  1. Forget the blogging. Go have a rest Jayne- you have earned a bit of nice slow time all to yourself! I am sure your Dad would agree!

  2. Bl**dy Hell! If you're being lazy, I hate to think what that makes me ...

  3. Have a real rest and go to Dunolly instead of just blogging about it.
    Visit the bakeries and sit in the parks.

    You're certainly not lazy Jayne, that's for sure. I don't do half as much as you and I think I do too much. If anyone is lazy in blogland, it's me.

  4. The blogs will be waiting for you. So will we. You savor this time with your Dad. Seriously.

    What are you still doing sitting at your computer? Go on with you now!