Monday, October 25, 2010

Next Aussie Book Give-away

The Spouse and the feral offspring are off on a historical tour of the Royal Melb Hosp - with strict instructions to snap many pics and scribble a plethora of notes.
Yes, there'll be a test on this afterwards.
The lovely weather yesterday saw them take Dad into the Melbourne Museum; it was celebrating it's 10th birthday (already?!) with some of the Aussie dinosaurs from the Walking With Dinosaurs arena spectacular wandering amongst the tasty humans as well as Alan Brough doing an outside broadcast in the dinosaur exhibit plus the fact Dad hadn't seen the Melbourne Gallery which is now sporting Phar Lap's skeleton alongside his hide.
Yeah, no matter how many parts they put back together there is no way that animal is getting up to win the Melbourne Cup this year.
Even Carbine's bones are out on display at the National Sports Museum.
One might think we Aussies had an obsession with claiming Kiwi horses as our own or something...!
I, being of the Spring Cleaning frame of mind, stripped all the beds, and washed everything to within an inch of its life - by hand, sans river and rock as the council refused to install me a river, owing to water restrictions - and finished them off with the old wringer.

Next book give-away is the first Phryne Fisher murder mystery in the fabulous series from great author Kerry Greenwood.
If you've yet to embrace all things Phryne here is a chance to get in at the beginning where it all started in Cocaine Blues.
Simply explain the relationship between a jelly slice to a lamington in a squillion words or less and then the trusty "eeny, meeny, miny, moe" course of selection will take place.


  1. congrats to red on winning the book in the post below. I have a confession to make, we saw Titanic and didn't make it to the rest of the museum.....shocking I know....but we had spent and hour and a half to two hours at Titanic....I was over shuffling by then lol.

    I think cleaning is in the air as I have been spring cleaning out cupboards.

    Okay what the heck is a jelly slice? A lamington is a staple in the ozzie diet isn't it? Ducks....

  2. I win because I can fit both in my mouth at once. Forget the book, just send lamingtons.

  3. I don't know, not being Oz. But I'd like to point out that jelly slices has a lot more ls than lamington, and it also has a j, which lamingtons do not. Of course, lamingtons have an o and an m, which jelly slices do not, so I guess it all comes out in the wash. I did google them, and they look quite yummy, but I will leave this one to the people that have some personal experience with those tasty looking things. Although, thinking on it, I'd have to say, chocolate. Chocolate is the difference. Lamingtons have chocolates.

    *long pause*

    Hey. One of you pass me a lamington, okay?

  4. Too bad they were not touring RMH at night, I could well have taken the boys on a guided tour :)

  5. I can dance the jelly slice when I am peared up, but the lamington is really to heavy to twirl around with -- only the lamingounces are light on their feet -- of course. barbara

  6. All the non-Aussies, don't feel bad, I'm an Aussie and I don't know what a jelly slice is either.... I'm here to say "I hope you had a good sleep and are now ready to sign-up to NaNoWriMo!" Come and join me, I just know you could do it. Fiction is most often based on fact. Come on...

  7. The Jelly Slice, with its crushed-cookie bottom, and the Lamington, with its chocolate coating, are the parents of the Nanaimo Bar, a Canadian confection consisting of a crushed cookie bottom, a vanilla or mint icing middle, and a chocolate top. This lovechild was begotten in 1958 during a Dunolly Historical Society fundraiser.