Saturday, October 9, 2010

Patient is improved, obs satisfactory and hunky-dory

I've slipped back into morning shift mode scarily easily lol.
Up and about by 6.30am, getting Dad up (he's already awake cos he's always been an early bird) showered and dressed by 7.30am, with brekkie taking him until 9-ish to plough through before he gets toileted again (2nd packet of gloves, pads and emollient cream in toilet).
Teeth scrubbed and with Nilstat drops after every meal Lo! and Behold!
It's a freaking miracle!
Dad is getting his tastebuds back in working order.
Guess which nurse didn't quite manage to finish brekkie, got no morning tea and lunch wasn't until 2.30pm?
Sheesh, that's one bitch of a place to work, bet the ANF would have words with me for running a sweatshop hospital facility *snort*.
Washed and wrung out 2 loads of washing (by hand?! Who the flock was silly enough to get rid of their washing machine again?).
Meanwhile the old boy worked his way through a healthy portion of assorted foods, staying well within his 1.5 litre fluid restriction although the gripes of "I wanna cuppa tea" were frequent and loud.
Evening shift commenced without my notice, having scarfed a packet of dark chocolate ginger (it is so a food group) between changing the bed and shopping for yummy food stuffs to tempt the old bugger.
Death By Chocolate mousse is skulking in the fridge, waiting to leap out to wrap itself around his uvula and drag him to the dark side (where they apparently have cookies), an array of dips are stacked in there, too, ready to be dolloped out into little containers for him to dip his itty bitty bikkies into to snack on and then there's the baby shortbread men bikkies that casually fling themselves into his talon-like skinny fingers and work their way down his gullet.
Walked him out to the backyard to meet the new Silkie chookens which delighted him no end.
As did the dog and cat continually fussing over him.
Patient SOOB, feet elevated, several episodes of SOB but quickly resolved, grossly incontinent ./c hygiene and pressure area care attended,ambulating ./c wheelie walker and 1-2 for assist, nil episodes of confusion, appetite ^  and excellent intake achieved for this shift day.
Food chart, daily weigh and fluid restriction - check.
Contacted RDNS for general nursing review appointment - check.
Cracking the whip on any male who happens to be my spouse - double check.
Conducting in-service tomorrow to demonstrate the correct manner in which one transfers a patient into bed without busting a phoofer valve.
I'll be the one snoozing in the corner....


  1. Bloody hell Ro, you are one awesome nurse! You get 10/10 on the appraisal... so glad to see your dad has a good nurse... make sure you keep your intake up too... STRICT FBC STAT please!

  2. Your halo is glowing. *grin*
    ( I'd never be able to do what you are doing. )

  3. Thanks, Cazzie.
    Yep, FBC in the diary 1.425 litres for Saturday ;)

    Thanks, Barbara and Elizabeth, it's no hassle, except for not enough time in the day lol.

  4. Gold Stars for you Jayne.
    I knew he'd be better at home with you. Glad to hear the appetite is back!
    It's amazing how much better food tastes when the teeth and mouth are properly cleaned.

  5. Of COURSE choc ginger is a food group - phenylethylanine in the chocolate; and ginger to settle the stomach! Damn if I haven't talked myself into a piece/packet ...

    Happy travels!

  6. Rofl more than once over this post. "...(where they apparently have cookies)..." and "...any male who happens to be my spouse..." were my favourite lines.