Thursday, October 28, 2010

Prattle....and another Aussie Book Give Away

So, today He Who Sleeps On The Couch took our beloved spawn to a tour of the Lost Theatres of Bourke Street.
Very unreliable of them to misplace theatres like that...oh, wait, sorry, no, twas planning and development what disappeared the lovely architecture.
The more things change....!
The tour was led by the fantabulous people behind the Cinema and Theatre Historical Society.
Word on the historic grapevine is that the former Salvos headquarters will shortly/does house a museum in the near future.
There's Mary MacKillop's 64th miracle.
Last night's chicken kebabs turned out scrumptious, fingers crossed tonight's burgers put on as good a show.
For Mother Mary's next act tomorrow night's pizza, entirely from scratch, will be edible and not rend us incapable with cholera, typhoid or malaria*.
*Yes, I know none of these are contractible through food.

The next Aussie Book Give Away is....
This is a wonderful bio/autobiography of not only the spirited Anne McDonald and her determination to live freely outside of an institution but it chronicles the fight her carer Rosemary Crossley was faced with.
Anne passed away suddenly this month and it seems wrong that such a strong-willed, feisty soul has left us.
Anne and Rosemary's fight in the courts for Anne to realise her independence at age 18 challenged most of Australia's attitudes and preconceived ideas of disabled people; previously there was no rights, no expectation of dignity and certainly no respect towards the disabled.
Anne McDonald paved the way for the likes of my son and many others to not be locked away, to not be treated poorly and gave them the right to expect to attend a mainstream school or mix freely in society.
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  1. I vaguely remember reading stories about Annie's fight for independence in the newspapers. Quite a long time ago now wasn't it?
    I'm sorry to hear she passed away.

  2. Now I just KNOW I'm going to win this book, cos I asked Mary nicely for another miracle! I guess if I don't win I can take that as Mary's way of saying I'm being too greedy ...

    Happy travels!

  3. When I was in secondary school, Annie and Rosemary came to talk to us. Now, my brother is working with his wife to give their autistic son an independent future that will be as promising and secure as that of his siblings.

  4. I remember seeing them in the news and on 60 minutes (I think).

  5. What a good story this is. It sounds like my friend Henry, who was in a horrible institution for most of his life as well.

  6. What a powerful pair they were too. It is sad to hear that Anne has passed away. They both should be remembered and spoken of more often.