Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursdays are always a shitty day for bad news

Word on the ward is that all of Dad's tests have come back positive for 'malignancy'.
Let's call that ugly motherfucker for what it is.
They're poking and prodding him, don't know what the bastard is or where it is but his poor old body is screaming that it's there.
Those fecal specs we all heard about ?
Positive for blood.
Renal impairment increasing.
Appetite (if at all possible) decreasing.
Abdo CT scan done, abdo x-ray done and bone scan today, sometime in the very near future a colonoscopy and gastroscopy (camera up yer bum and down yer gullet to see what they can see).
Can't say I'm surprised.
Let's outline the family medical history for you, shall we?
Hmm...easier to say that his father was the only one to not develop stomach or bowel cancer.
Can you see a pattern, boys and girls?
Had my rant on the phone to the nurse in charge of the ward who told me all the above - and also who knew nothing about Dad being continent at home, was led to believe he was always fully incontinent, who wasn't happy to hear about the many, many, many, many times I've passed concerns on through nursing staff and asked for the doctors to be paged umpteen times, how Hubby walked in to find Dad sound asleep flat in his bed and had to feed him while the nurse breezed in with "Oh, you get him to eat, I'm off for my meal break" (not the first time we've had to feed him but the cheeky comment was too much) how the food charts are being filled incorrectly, that there is barely any encouragement to get Dad to eat, if any at all *inhale* and I requested that the doctors call me asap as I wanted him transferred to a private hosp yesterday.
Fuck it all, he's not going to have aggressive treatment if it's only to gain a few months, and he's coming home to die.

*I started to reply to your emails and trot around to your blogs but I'm a little uninspired to post comments although I enjoyed reading of your doings xxxx


  1. Holy crap Batman! How in hell can these people say they are health practitioners? They are death dollys - all of them.

    Thinking of you, and sending cyber hugs down the line from my parallel life.


  2. Bloody, bloody, bloody!
    So sorry to hear this news Jayne... am thinking of you and your lovely Dad. Some super nursing required, the kind only a daughter can give methinks.


  3. Damn this allergy season *sniff*

    The dear man needs to be where he is loved, valued and respected.

    No words, just my deepest thoughts go out to you and the tribe.

  4. Cripes, Jayne. I'm darned sorry to hear this.

  5. So sorry Jayne -- you and your family are the best thing going for him right now barbara

  6. Oh Jayne, I am so very sorry :'(

    ((((Huge Hugs)))) to you all,


  7. God, you must be exhausted. Warm thoughts crossing the globe for you.

  8. Oh, no. Damn. I'm so sorry Jayne. I really am.