Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where she talks about the gory bits while planning more pureed food

Well, the Old Boy is now on pureed food; easier on him and us, less angst at getting him to chew when he doesn't want to/can't and no food going around and around his mouth for years on end.
Yeah, I exaggerate but you know how it is.
Plus, he's a full feed - nurse speak for fully dependent on others for food, drink, hanging from the chandelier, etc.
So, the familial cancer clinic got contacted last week and (hopefully) the ward from hell got the pathology nurses to take Dad's blood for storage and testing after he's shuffled off to Buffalo.
Cos Dad's had prostate cancer, his siblings both had stomach and bowel cancer, his mother had stomach cancer, all of her siblings had stomach and/or bowel cancer while her mother had bowel cancer, several of Dad's nephews and nieces have had stomach/bowel cancer, several of Dad's cousins have had stomach, bowel and brain cancer....
Yeah, yeah, you get the picture.
Like I said, his father died from a heart attack, way easier to sum up.
He already has his very own faux-Wedgwood Porcelain Gallbladder.
And his tumour markers were up, indicating a possible presence in stomach or bowel or that it'll be a white Xmas this year.
Perhaps a small serving of Lynch Syndrome?
I had my female plumbing bits renovated in a Changing Wombs episode back in 2000 but they left the ovaries, hoping another chick wasn't going to go postal with her menopause, probably.
And I do not like that ticking time bomb, I do not, indeed.
Silent and deadly, with feck all symptoms until almost too late, I'm contemplating getting them removed and replaced with a nice set of marbles Lord Elgin found on his travels to Greece.


  1. HHHMMMmmm... think very carefully b4 having anything removed - I also had the big H done & ovaries WERE removed as found to be unworthy. As you'll see from my blog, I DID go postal!! Whether it's a good/bad thing is still the subject of debate amongst my nearest/dearest, but the relief of the symptoms they were causing has been offset somewhat by big M symptoms! Although these probably bother other people more than I ...

  2. Wow! That killed the conversation, didn't it?!?!?!

  3. LOL
    I think I scared the readers ;)

  4. Awww, it's ok if you go postal, it's sort of like compressing all the Moon Moods into one (or maybe 5) year/s and then it is done. ;-)

    Much nicer than silent and deadly.

    Even when we aren't discussing "aromas".

    Devs Xx