Wednesday, November 3, 2010

...And now, an update from our roving ratbag from the trenches....

Weeeeeeeeeell, there was supposed to be another post featuring the next book give away.
I was also supposed to go pay money for Bush Babe's fantabulous 2011 calendar (sorry!).
It aint happenin'.
At least, not today.
Or tonight.
Ooooooooooo, the 'dry house' got soaking wet, the rum and coke did NOT touch the sides and my liver is squealing in an-tic----i-pation.
Yeah, Rocky Horror Glee rocked this joint, too.
The feral one went ballistic.
He was more postal than a psyched out nutfucker that chucks mail at your door.
Yep, he was nuclear...thank you, Dubbya Bush.
His father?
That ginormous giant of a man mountain?
Almost flattened by the weedy thin savage scrawny fruit of our loins.
We haz more holes in dah plaster than in the pantyhose littering the lawn at Flemington.
Police called, ambos arrived and we went off to the Children's.
Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to the hospital we go...
The ambos were fab, the staff at the Children's were super and golly gosh, gee whiz, he got seen, attended and sorted by a qualified professional within 50 mins.
Thank the good Goddess on freakin' HIGH I was parked on my arse when this happened.
Thank the freaky Goddess-babe, again, that I was able to get the kidlet taken to a decent hosp for a change.
So, good ladies and gentlemens, apologies for not babbling in your comment boxes all day or posting the next give away or running stark nekkid down the Bourke Street Mall...
That's on the bucket list for Xmas.
My back and head are aching, my guts are tied in knots and the pretty green fairy from the Absinthe bottle is eluding my best efforts to pin the bitch down.
I swallowed her years ago in mistaken identity for the Tequila worm.
She wriggled worse than the worm.
The worm had more flavour, too.


  1. I cannot for the life of me go past nutfucker, lmao!

  2. Is there a connection between the last post (abstract algebra) and this one? Just a thought ...

    Happy travels!!

  3. Oh dear - don't fret about the calendar funds... all in good time. I will email.

    Hugs to you and yours... cannot imagine how stressful this is, with your Dad needing you so as well.


  4. Jayne -- as we say here -- you certainly have your plate full. You have a wonderful attitude toward this although it has to be stressful. I do hope your dad is doing fine (as much as is possible) and that your son is better today. -- barbara

  5. Oh, Jayne. I've no advice. You're smart enough that you would have figured it out on your own, if it were a figure-outable situation. No advice. Just hugs.

  6. I admire your ability to deal with all the challenges around you Jayne, and still talk about streaking down Bourke St. Lol, and hoping for peaceful times for you and yours.

  7. 'Sokay, Jayne, all I've posted lately is a set of puppy pix. Good luck with the green bottle of anesthetic.

  8. Sorry to hear Jayne, hope you he is being looked after x

    As Kelley would say hope the faecal bombs stop exploding at your place and start hitting the CEO's of the major banks instead.

    In brighter news won my giveaway so if you please email me your address I can the lovely people at Dettol to post if off.

  9. Oh dear, more holes in the plaster? Your house will soon resemble a honeycomb. Maybe you could fill them up with concrete?
    I hope things calm down soon. Let me know when you plan to streak nekkid, I'll get out my telelscope...