Friday, November 5, 2010

Bustin' out the Bra

I'm tired, the year is rushing by, hang on wasn't it Monday just a minute ago and now you're saying it's Friday?!
The kidlet is on his new/old meds, trying to regiment the routine is difficult as it irritates him like pure new wool on his skin (makes him itch) while Dad is almost blooming with rude health.
Oops, just looked at the date again - it's Guy Fawkes Day, the only bloke what entered Parliament with honest intentions.
Don't say it too loud or the freaky jittery critters will think you're a terrorist.
Or have an opinion independent from The Herd.
State election coming up later this month - none of the buggers deserve a chance.
Philip Gidley King was named as successor to Gov Hunter today in 1799; yeah bet that went down well over a pint of Boag's beer.
Let's stay impartial and celebrate the anniversary of the ABC beginning transmission on this day back in 1956.
Exciting, eh?
Wonder if they'll break out the Milk Arrowroot bikkies with the tepid dishwater masquerading as tea along with the cardigans sporting leather patches on the elbows?
Not as tepid as Collins felt when he begged asked for permission in 1803 to up sticks from (Sullivan Bay near Sorrento) Port Phillip to mosey on down to Hobart.
Thanks for all the lovely support, I may start calling you all My Cross Your Heart Bra *snort*.
With extra under-wire sling support for heavy days. 


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  1. I have never been compared to underwear before. ROFL.

  2. Jayne -- You certainly have a great sense of humor! barbara

  3. Hey glad you got through the last few days. I am impressed that FB got treated so quickly. Not so good that you all had to go through this. No wonder you feel so tired its been a few weeks of it lately. I do admire you Jayne, while I know some days it can be hard work and somedays you dont want to deal with it, you just get on with it.

  4. very funny LOL
    visiting you on my blog hop, home you can come and say hi to me at and

  5. Hope you have a FAAAAABULOUS weekend to make up for all the shite during the week! I think of you every time I dip into my book giveaway - maybe an unintended consequence of your giveaways is the return of good karma to you??!! Fanciful ... well maybe! But that doesn't mean it's not true?

    Happy travels!

  6. I could call you my Y fronts, LiD, but I thought only Pat Rafter could get away with that one :P

    Thanks, Barbara, you gotta laugh.

    Thanks, Janine, and yep, there's no other way but through ;)

    Thanks for dropping by, Kebeni!
    I'll pop over and have a read :)

    Thanks, Red, I'm hoping for a calm weekend, too ;) I'm glad you're enjoying your book :)