Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Did you back a winner...?

Well, who was clever enough to back Americain in the Melbourne Cup yesterday?
Nevermind, we managed to throw a few bob on it, seeing as my cousin was the bloodstock agent who saw the potential in the four-legged beastie and when he nods we listen.
My eyes are hanging out of my head this morning as I sat up til after 1am to complete the update of the Dunolly and District History blog - go, feel free to rummage through the month long dates I posted, smirk, giggle or just roll your eyes at my efforts.
The feral child is splurging on algebra, again; found a fabulous new text book at the Salvos on Abstract Algebra and the kidlet is enjoying it greatly.
Not bad for someone who's grade 3 teacher insisted on reminding him at every opportunity that he came at the bottom of the Naplan tests in the national average in maths.
Ner, ner, ner, ner, ner.
I'll be posting another book give away this arvo, right after my extra nana nap where I hopefully don't raise the roof too much with my snoring.
Enjoy the pics.

This is one of two graves of early settlers out in the middle of the forest that have been lost then refound.
Husband and wife ran a general store from a tent/slab hut and died from a contagious disease, hence the burial out away from people.

This is where the Burke and Wills expedition crossed the Loddon River (just up a bit to the left).
Probably not where the actual persons of Burke and Wills themselves paddled over (who had to stick to towns to fete the townspeople into donating dosh and goodies towards the bush walk) but the rest of them that did the hard yakka.

This sheep busted out and did a runner right in front of our eyes.
No one at home to raise the alarm, cheeky sod trotted off down the road after skirting us and giving us the hairy woolly eyeball.

Inside of our roof - this is one of three roofs, 2 corrugated iron, 1 of aluminium tiles.
Just thought I'd share.

One of our ceiling roses while the house was being rewired.

Mud bricks similar to the ones found on our land.

Bush Daisy, thrives in amongst the Ironbarks.

One of the earliest crossings of the Loddon River, where a punt operated for some years.

Dad back in August at Dunolly.


  1. Congrats on the win. I won on that gorgeous horse too.

    Now, that is fascinating about the rediscovered graves. How were they found? It is touching to see beautiful wildflowers growing there. Maybe not quite forgotten by the bush, eh?

    What do they say? Look for gold amongst the iron barks.

    Nice roofing you have there.

    A lovely photo of your Dad too.

  2. whooo hooo on the money this way because I missed teh office sweepstake with working 4 hours yesterday. I had a wee giggle at the scrapbook on ya other blog, I would love to read/look over some of them now. I reckon they would be a gem.

    I agree with LiD on finding the graves....

    whooo hoo for algebra and fb...I still never grasped the concept...

  3. I know you mentioned that someone was living on your land but were they the two graves that were in the forest? -- barbara

  4. Thanks, LiD :)

    It's not too bad for me, Janine, but I loathe maths lol.

    Different land, Barbara.

    There was gossip about graves out in the forest near some particular diggings and some of the researched evidence supports most of the gossip so then they went searching and found, amongst old chimney remains and other building ephemera these 2 round areas approx. 6 ft long, marked by many large quartz and sandstone rocks -not natural, obviously man-made - quite near where the small settlement had been.
    There are a couple more off to the side which could be others but the gossip only ever mentioned these two that operated a general store.

  5. Congratulations on the win. I entered the sweep at work and the horse I drew came in third.
    I'll check out Dunolly a bit later.
    The bush daisy is pretty.

  6. Ahh, I come from a long line of punters and reprobates so yes, backed a winner (I need to get better at punting - I got 1st and 3rd, not much chop in that!) Dating a jockey was useful in that he taught me how to read a form guide, lol! (And um. If you knew how tall I am...there was often a degree of lol-ing!)