Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Did you know....oh, of course you did!

Hellooooo, chickadees, I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth (stop groaning!).
I've posted off the last winners' books, am contemplating running away to Dunolly for the year month week weekend day as it feels like 'home' but first I'm itching to read a couple of new/old books I picked up in the Lions Club of Oakleigh Op Shop in Murrumbeena this morning.

If you haven't noticed I've fired up the old Oz Reading Matters book review blog in the past few weeks as I'm reviewing audiobooks as well as the old faithful printed sort.
Suddenly realised there was a few decent books I'd read and forgotten to review or ones that I wanted to read.
So, parking my arse on thebastardthing aka the exercise bike and romping through these tomes is a piece of cake.
Plus it distracts me from the fact my well-padded 3 axe handles wide bum has gone numb from the bike seat from hell, proving I'm not as well-padded as I thought!
First off the rank is Send The Boy To Sea: The memoirs of a Sailor on The Goldfields.
With a blurb that reads

"After committing sundry rows and breaches of the peace such as blowing up the seat of the privy and bringing rum to school in cocoanuts...I got expelled and sent to my Guardian, Mr Hay."

How could you possibly go past that promise of fun!
James already appeals to my wicked sense of humour, I think I'm going to enjoy reading his exploits.
If you've wandered about the Monash area lately you may have noticed the delightfully UNmanicured grass verges, nature strips, parks, etc.
This is due to industrial action involving work bans.
The grass is so long in some areas they'll be able to get a hay baler in and sell it to farmers for stock feed.
Although, I must say we were surprised to find that the gum tree that had lain across the rail trail  footpath from Oakleigh to Hughesdale for weeks had been chopped up and piled away from the thoroughfare.
We're just waiting to see how many snakes move in and take up residence in the area...a little more biodiversity to keep us stupid pink monkeys on our toes.


  1. Jayne -- So that is how you get your reading done -- on an exercise bike. That is ingenious -- getting two birds with one stone -- barbara

  2. Keeping that grass long enough for snakes is one way of keeping people off the grass I guess.
    I used to own an exercise bike, but I didn't often read on it, I watched TV instead.

  3. lol i used to get bored on the exercycle so I would read or watch tv....so have fun with that. I think I am loosing the plot though, as I left a mesage on ya blog on Saturday or Sunday raving about the book you sent me. I read it and loved it.......I ranted in the comment that I didn't know whether I should slap you or thank you for giving me an addiction, as now I want to read all 18 of her Phryne Fisher books. I have book 2 and 3 waiting at the library for me.

  4. Barbara, I'd bore myself to sleep if I didn't read on that awful contraption lol.

    I'm in the wrong room to watch tv, River, and the bike makes too much noise.
    Apparently lol.

    Yay, Janine, I knew you were a Phryne Fisher type :)
    She has another mystery series set in current-day Melbourne - I think you'd enjoy those ones, too!

    Thanks, Jeanie :)

  5. "Stupid pink monkeys" -- I love it!