Friday, November 12, 2010


Tis Friday!!!
POETS Day (Piss Off Early Tomorrow's Saturday) yada, yada, yada.
We've been moving furniture all over the house - alright, The Spouse has been shifting the furniture while I supervise and yell 'helpful' instructions.
And, while this was going on my computer kept shutting itself down...actually, just plain crashing.
I miss the Blue Screen of Death...with this one I get zip, just a black screen.
Anywho, I've been battling to get this mofo working long enough to post this blather and I'd forgotten what day it was.
I couldn't possibly tackle writing a novel if I don't know what day it is *rolls eyes at self.

As Kiwi Nomad put her foot down and said Nay to the book giveaway I'm re-offering this collection of Stories of Old Australia.


Just throw a comment or three at me and we're away!

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  1. I'd love that one!!! Looks groovy and filled with politically incorrect stories (am I right?)

  2. lol I only said no cos it was going to cost a fortune in postage across the Tasman!!! Yeah I know I can be contrary.....

  3. I had a book of Australian Short Stories in High School. It was pocket sized and I read the whole thing in the first week.
    We had to write essays explaining what we thought the author of any particular story was talking about.

  4. I know, tis cool, Kiwi, no worries :)

    How was your essay, River?