Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I am the champion, my friends - sing along with me! - we'll go on fighting....til the end....dum de dum

Woohoo, I am rockin' the stove.
Dad is on a fluid restriction in that he's ONLY allowed 1.5 litres per day as he's in chronic renal failure.
Plus he has to put the weight back on that he oh-so-friggin-effortlessly (the-cheeky-sod) lost.
To get the stubborn bastard to eat when he first got home from hospital was a struggle; every meal was 'muck' or 'shit' so I gave in and gave him tinned baby/toddler food.
To suit the toddler tantrums, perhaps?
He loved it.
Threw it down his throat without even touching the sides.
Yeah, it looks soooooooooo great buying up baby food when people know you don't have a baby or toddler in the house and you know they know you're feeding it to your Dad.
Doesn't matter if the dietitcian gave it the thumbs up, it still feels wrong.
So, I've finally got the mix right, making the puree from scratch with vegies and meat, done separately then combined.
Soak the meat in red wine.
Add Moroccan spices.
And a pinch of Sweet Paprika.
With a sprinkling of pepper.
And chicken salt (gathered from the lips of chickens by a 100 vestal virgins in Outer Mongolia by the light of the new moon).
And make certain there's plenty of pumpkin or Sweet Potato - look at the jars of baby food, there's a reason why they're mostly orange coloured.
Because they are Magic.
Not Magik.
They rock the puree.
Any toddler could tell you...between tantrums!


  1. Jayne, you take "determined" and turn it into an art form. :-D

  2. Devi has a point....good on you Jayne. As odd as this sounds I still buy the baby apples for roast pork. As long as you are enjoying rocking the puree I say go you!! Ugh at small minded bigots....you kinda wonder how they manage to look at themselves in the mirror everyday.

  3. I remember buying baby foods for my teenagers when they had tonsillitis or any other sore throat. Mostly jellies and custards.

  4. I remember buying baby foods for my teenagers when they had tonsillitis or any other sore throat. Mostly jellies and custards.

  5. "We'll keep on fighting to the eeeeeeend....we are the champions, we are the champions, there's no time for losers 'cause we are the champions of the world...."

    Sing it, sistah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. that sound good ourgreatsouthernland.blogspot.com

  7. Heinz Pears. Yum. Thumbs down to brains.

  8. Jayne, I know it has to be a lot of work to make that special diet for your father but most of what comes through commercial manufacturing of baby food should be left on the grocery shelves. -- You sound like an expert cook. -- you certainly put great touches to it -- barbara

  9. Oh baby ... what a magical meal.

    Certainly worth a song. : )

  10. LOL Devi.
    Ahuh, you know it ;)

    Oooo, those apples are nice, Janine!

    I think we're all guilty of eying off those jars when we're feeling a bit off, River lol.

    Debby - second verse, girl!

    Thanks, Anon.

    Crumbed brains *shudder*. Pass the pears, Andrew :P

    Thanks, Barbara, not so much an expert cook just happy to experiment and try different things :)

    LOL Elizabeth, absolutely :)