Monday, November 15, 2010

I give you *drum roll* Bladdy blah with a sprinkling of prattle, topped by a dollop of blather

Have been rooting through the family history stuff for one of hubby's cousins and found a photo of his great grandmother.
Isn't she beautiful?!

Bush Babe won the Aussie book give away, Stories of Old Australia will be winging its way up to QLD shortly!

I took Debby's advice and let a machine!!!!!!!!! do the washing *shock!* *horror!* *gasp!* and I don't feel the least bit guilty lol.
And I'm loving the empty wash basket bigtime *snort*

I've indulged a little and made 2 variations on the old favourite Choc Ripple Log for Dad - I used Gingernuts in one and choc chip cookies in the other, slathered the whipped cream all over, then flung them into the fridge.
Going by the tester I made the other day for Dad (which didn't touch the sides) I'm on a winner.


  1. Good for you. Right now, you work on making things good for your dad. You can save the flipping world later. You won't regret giving yourself more time to do things for him.

    I still can't believe that you took my advice. You know what this means, don't you Jayne. It means that you are not one of my kids.

  2. Debby gets my vote for "sensible-advice-giver of the week". I guess that means I am not one of her kids either! Seriously, Jayne- glad you are using a machine for the washing- you gotta make life manageable!

  3. That's all it took?? Debby to suggest a washing machine (I wasn't quite game!). LOL at Deb's reply.

    Whoo-hooot!! I won something... cool. Can't wait to see what treasures are in this book...

  4. Hooray for machines!!

    Great Grandma look like she has a bit of mischief in her. There's definitely a twinkle in those eyes.

  5. I KNEW I should have read the posts I've missed in 'newest-first' order! Never tried a gingernut ripple cake - sounds marvellous!! Lashings of sugar/cream tend to improve most situations, at least momentarily ... maybe you could put out a cookbook while the novel's waiting in the wings??

    Happy travels!!

  6. Bwahahahahahaha, Debby!

    Thanks, Kiwi :)

    I reckon you'll enjoy the read, BB ;)

    She was a character alright, River ;)

    Thanks, Red, I'll wrestle Margaret Fulton into ghost writing a cook book for me ;)

  7. Yes. Yes, she is beautiful.

  8. Jayne, Past meets future -- from grandmother to a washing machine. Good post. -- barbara

  9. I don't know what I'd do without my washing machine. While I'm on that I remember my mother using an old copper one with the hand operated ringer on it when I was just a lad, as well as the blue starch tablet that she'd throw in. Boy, have we come a long way!

    Take Care,