Sunday, November 7, 2010

Incontinence - the only thing to ruin a good fart.....

I swear, when you hear the pitter patter of not-so-little elderly feet shuffling along the wooden floorboards at some ungodly hour that is so early it is illegal to even have your eyes open you know it's pay back for those sleepless nights you favoured your parents with waaaay back in the dim past.
So, kids - don't be squawking too loudly or else you, too, will be haunted by your elderly parent needing a nappy change at 2am.....


  1. Tis one of the few rare good things about not having parents, I wont have to experience that with my own, however considering chosen profession, am sure I will get to experience it tenfold with other peoples parents.

  2. I won't get to experience that with my parents and I hope I won't have to have my kids do it for me either. I'll have the nursing home set me up on a toilet with a comfy pillow and a TV and they can just leave me there.