Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Am I ever gonna see your face again? No way, get flucked, fluck off

Was listening to talk back radio late last night when the subject came up about PM Gillard setting up a panel to discuss a referendum to recognise the Indigenous People in the constitution.
You'd have thought she had declared war on non-Indigenous People by the way some of the callers behaved.
One, who kept calling herself "a whitey" (does she call Indigenous People 'blackies' behind their back?) claimed that no Indigenous Person existed as "they aren't full blood like back at the time of settlement", that they didn't have the right to call themselves Indigenous, that she could claim to be Indigenous because she was born in Australia, that Aboriginals weren't really the oldest people because historians had changed the dating of their existence so many times she doubted what they said and that the only real Indigenous People were the Tasmanian Aboriginals "who no longer exist".
My, it's good to see the brain washing and racist rants haven't been wasted on this one, she'd be able to assemble a cross burning in a moment's notice and still launder the sheets in time for cocoa and bed.
Another rang up to prattle pseudo-history facts...facts which were twisted so much my nose twitched at the distinct scent of bigotry and bullshit.
He attempted to peddle the line that "all Aborigines (sic) had the right to vote before the 1967 referendum" -only to varying degrees throughout the states and they certainly were not welcomed at all polling booths nor were they actively encouraged to enroll to vote - in fact it was illegal to encourage Indigenous People to enroll to vote until 1984.
He tried to state "the Indigenous People all had citizenship before the 1967 referendum" - what was written on paper and what was practiced was two very different things; go read or watch the footage of the Australian Freedom Rides and tell me every Indigenous person was free to vote, free to have an opinion, free to mix in town and society without fear of recriminations.
This caller kept droning on in a tired, bored voice just as disgruntled teachers used to fill their class hours back in the day by making a subject so unpalatable that the students fell asleep and left the racism unchallenged,which was a sure sign of a second rate teacher who had no interest in either the subject or the career as a teacher.
This is the sort, also, who throws around the title "Black Armband History" to discredit Indigenous oral history traditions and to whitewash the history of this country.
Dear freaking God, it's a discussion to recognise Indigenous People in the constitution - it's not about giving away land or extra voting rights or more money or an extension to their home or a new roof or a free car.
It's about finally recognising, in the constitution, a group of people who were here before Europeans, regardless of how old or how long they've resided in Oz, no matter when they did or didn't get the right to vote, whether or not some stupid woman was spawned here or in a bathtub in the Outer Hebrides.
Is that so difficult for racist redneck dropkicks to get their head around?
Do they see/hear the word 'Indigenous' and slip their mouths into auto-pilot to blather their brand of bullshit without thought, respect or acknowledging what the actual subject is?
Dear redneck fuckwits - please don't let the door slap you on the arse as you leave our shores.


  1. I'm surprised you didn't get to hear a Paulinesque quote:

    "If they don't like it, they can go back to where they came from"

  2. Yes, very few people 'get it'.

    One of the main reasons my mother gave me up for adoption was that if 'authorities' had found out her family and my fathers family were of aboriginal descent they would have taken me and put me in foster care anyway.

    What have I received for being 'indigenous' or should I say what have I tried to claim?
    Not a brass razoo!!!
    ....also indigenous kids get no more money for abstudy than kids on youth allowance get etc etc not many people realise this either...


  3. I was waiting for that pearler, AJ, but the boring-as-batshit bullshitting ex teacher put me to sleep .

    There's this tiny brain thinking that there's a conspiracy giving Indigenous people buckets more money than non-Indigenous people.

  4. Unfortunately there are a hell of a lot of redneck pr*cks in this country. I try not to think about it, it's depressing.

  5. I'm sending the GOFA on over to you if he hasn't already lurked by himself! I'm sure those of the Stolen Generations and their dismembered families would heartily agree that Indigenous Australians have been treated equally and fairly. Not!

  6. This evening Derek Guille hosted another lot of irrational types. No one is saying we have to feel guilty. Just some recognition.

  7. They are a depressing bunch, Fen, I feel another post coming on ;)

    I cannot understand how the bigots can be so colourblind to the history, Watershedd.

    Exactly, Andrew, simple recognition.