Thursday, November 11, 2010

Man; screws with Mother Nature

Yeah, yeah, she's on her soap box yet again.
Pfft, like that's something new *rolls eyes*.
We gets these uber-cute brand-spanking-new dolphins, a totally new breed, and do we give them mega protection?
Do we leave their habitat alone?
Do we postpone/cancel all the planned building projects which will disturb them greatly?
Don't be silly!
This super sweet Snubfin Dolphin is so fragile anyone dumping cat crap into drains could cause their deaths.
But, whoa! They'd be fine with  coastal development and dredging... won't they?

In other news.....
I'll be giving away more Aussie books, as I'm far too brain dead and knackered to write anything that resembles a novel or duck vomit.
Cos duck vomit is pretty gross....but full of hieroglyphs.
Like our alphabet.

And can I just say my Dad watches The Circle Every.Single.morning and laughs so much he pees himself.
Wait...that might be his incontinence.
But, nevermind, he gets a kick out of the 4 girls, particularly Denise Drysdale and woe betide anyone who disturbs his viewing pleasure.
I'd like to announce I have no affiliation or relative working on The Circle, the girls have not paid me to promote the show and my father really does giggle.
A lot.


  1. You're the only one I know that can cover incontinence, Denise Drysdale, and dolphins, cat crap and duck vomit all in one post.

    I can only stare in awe.

  2. Jayne, Have you watched the movie, "The Cove" -- it will rattle your brain about dolphins. -- barbara

  3. *puts tongue in cheek*
    bloody dolphins, upsetting the coastal developers....

  4. ROFL Thanks, Debby, you're one of the few to see my well-hidden talent *snort*.

    No, Barbara, I'll look that one up!

    You said it, River!
    How dare they....!