Saturday, November 20, 2010

Multiple Aussie Book give away

Hear ye, hear ye, The Evil She Devil Cow has gone com-plete-ly mad.
He he, yeah, gotta love family nicknames, eh?
Guess who's not getting his pocket money this week?
So, anyway, this old girl is getting tired of the piles of doubles on the dining table cos there's this thing called Xmas galloping up shortly and we don't do traditional roast meats with baked vegies, mint sauce, apple sauce, gravy, cheese sauce, white sauce, mustard, crackers, umpteen tablecloths, napkin rings and silver service on our laps.
I neeeeeeeed that table cleared.
Hence the groups of books, who promise not to argue on your bookshelves!

These are joined at the hip as they're by the same authors.
Rough As Guts and Dinkum Dunnies are both photographic collections; the first being of various snapshots around Oz while the other is a humourous take on the poor, misunderstood outhouse.

The Australian Legend is a classic in trying to describe and pin down the elusive Australian character while Bill Wannan offered up 170 years of a great collection of humourous Aussie tales.

This collection of short stories will sit demurely beside Eleanor Dark's novel The Timeless Land which is a fictional account of the European settlement of Oz.


  1. I don't need any new books collections are packed away and I hardly sold any at our garage sale :).
    I love the library now I ask and receive any book I want ...even interlibrary loans or new releases.
    I can't even begin to think about Christmas dinner !

  2. How do I know the name Eleanor Dark? I have to go away and think about that.

  3. HHHMMMmmm... wonder if any of the dunnies are also featured on the Australian Scenic Public Toilets on my blog?

    Happy travels!!

  4. DUNNY??????

    Did you say DUNNY? Yeah you did. I used to fear the dark visits down to the Dunny as a kid..there were certain furry creatures known around here as RMS Rotten Marsupial Sods..protected species in the Great Southern Land. Tree munching destruction units here in NZ..I feared them..those eyes glaring at the little kid with the torch in the darkness..*shudder*

    I'm going to go and contemplate the nature of the old dunny a while longer me thinks.

  5. Ah Dinkum Dunnies - what a classic. I'm wondering if you'll regret these Aussie book giveaways one of these days - I think you've had one of the best collections of Aussie books I've ever seen!

  6. Trish, I'm even trying to empty the freezer for the Chrissy food lol.

    You've probably read one of her novels, Cazzie :)

    Judging by the state some of them were in when the photos were taken, Red, I'd be surprised if they're still standing lol.

    If it helps any, LIz, I had one pee through a dunny ceiling on me while I was on the throne once lol.

    Tis ok, Cheryl, these are doubles of the ones still sitting safely on my bookcases ;)

  7. I would love to have any of those books, Jayne! Especially the middle two.

  8. Jayne -- I was cut off mid-sentence on my former comment to you. So I will finish up on this comment section -- I have given or sold many of my books as I was overloaded. Like Trish above, I now use the library for most of my reading. -- barbara

  9. How funny! I love your collection of books. It says a great deal about your nature.

    You're nuts.

    Just kidding, by the by!

  10. Ooh, I would love to win any of these, but especially the last pair. Are your giveaways open for those of us overseas? Or would I have to collect when I'm there in March? ;-)

  11. The fellah on the cover of Rough as Guts reminds me of our Canadian humour icon Red Green.

  12. lol at not using ya laps for xmas...tables are so over rated anyway (joke). There is something special about seeing the table set on xmas day....thats why we eat out on the day lol...

    Hey thanks for the link to You Tube, loved the song and I am going to use the lyrics as nexts weeks post :-) The song gave me warm fuzzies.

  13. Found that we can buy blue jelly- as in blueberry flavour- from the supermarket shelves over here! So that's how my b.i.l got blue jelly!