Tuesday, November 16, 2010

On This Day in History and next Aussie book give away

 1840 New Zealand grewed up when Letters Patent were issued making it a British Colony on its own, no longer a part of NSW.
Party, party, party!

The next Aussie book give away will be this fabulous, fabulous, fabulous autobiography Pieces of Blue.
The author's father took them all over Australia from when she was aged 12, droving and horse breaking, working as a station hand, gardener you-name-it and they did it.
Just chuck a comment in the box to be in the running.

1888 The murderer of Western Australian Indigenous man Marabool, Michael Griffin, was arrested on this day and was later tried but acquitted.
1920 The Queensland and Northern Territory Air Service was founded on this day by P.J McGuinness and Hudson Fysh.
Better known these days as QANTAS.

Well, as I wasn't looking forward to being chased off the beaches by Greenpeace this summer I joined the Weigh It Up weight loss thingie.
Let's hope there will be one less mistaken whale beaching emergency call this year....


  1. I enjoyed reading the gazette...you know it made for fascinating reading. It's interesting how they recorded everything. Even when prisoners were released etc....

  2. Seriously? NZ was once part of NSW?
    I did not know that.
    I would love, love, love to read that book. It's just the kind of thing I love. Early Australian people stories. I once worked on a station myself. For about 3 months.

  3. On my travels, I've visited a number of outback QLD towns claiming to be the birthplace of QANTAS (Longreach, Winton, Cloncurry to name a few). So where was it 'born'? Depends on your definition ...

    Happy travels!

    PS The book sounds wonderful!!

  4. Well, I never knew the Colony of NSW once included NZ. I'll have to ask the GOFA is he was aware. What an interesting line of research that could prove to be, but do I/we have time? Of course not!

    And now you've got me thinking about Marabool too! Damn it, stop giving me interesting internet time stealers. I have my own textbook deadline to meet and it's only 10 weeks away. (Can you sense the rising panic?!) I'll file all this for February!

  5. Isn't NZ still part of Australia :-) This looks like a seriously good book to own. Please, please, please, please, please can I have it? Grivel grovel. I'll send you some mango ice cream...