Monday, November 8, 2010

Shaved my legs this morning

Aren't you just squealing with delight at the thought?
Yeah, about as excited as my overly-blunt razor was, too.
Did the usual slice 'n' dice around the sticky-out-bits of the ankle, briefly turned the bathroom into a recreation from Psycho *cue the music* then thought better of venturing up near the knee joint with a piece of metal that could probably hack Sydney Harbour Bridge to bits but is incapable of lopping small, single hairs.
Have not added to The Novel for NaNoWriMo - re-read what I'd pecked out and found it as boring as batshit (and let me assure you, batshit is incredibly boring) so re-writes galore will be forthcoming today.
So long as the Tribe let me get my brain into gear.
In other news....for a Xmas pressie idea now is the time to saunter into the shops to snaffle yourself a pretty pot.
Don't be stingy now, get a decent size that isn't too big that you can't carry the mofo.
Trot up to the Sunday Market in Oakleigh (weather permitting) next week and feast your eyes on the vast array of delectable (yet cheap!) heirloom vegies on offer from one of the newest stall holders.
Should your nearest and dearest not be particular to edible plants, cast your baby blues across the equally wide variety of potted pretties you'll find on every second stall, some being old fashioned favourites not available in shops.
  • Grab a bag of the cheapest potting mix.
  • Half fill a bucket, chuck in some compost wriggling with worms then soak some water crystals in another bucket of water.
  • When crystals are absorbed and fluffy (just like the ones usually found in full baby nappies) throw it into the potting mix. Then toss in some slow release fertiliser, soak some moo poo in a stocking in a bucket of water and slurp some moo poo tea into the mix.
  • Stir vigorously, then decant into selected pot.
  • Shove plant of choice into mix, let establish for several weeks until, OMG!
  • You wake up to find it's Xmas Day and, thankfully, you have something to give one person, at least.
Or you could buy them a bag of Moo Poo.
It's the thought that counts....


  1. Funny you should mentioned your legs, I need to get my legs waxed. I prefer someone else doing the wax and rip on my legs lol

    We will certainly be looking at edible, clutter free gifts this year. Love your suggestion.

  2. Sounds like you have a great farmers market to attend! -- barbara

  3. Those of us with black thumbs will leave the tending of plants to others! But to those undeserving of a Xmas gift, nothing says it quite like a dead plant!!

    Happy travels!!

  4. That's exactly how I used to treat potplants before prince-not-so-charming came on the scene. He insisted I do things his way....
    Leg shaving? I thought about doing mine and one leg now has a rash that looks like razor burn, yet I haven't done the actual shaving yet!
    I've never yet attended our Farmers Market, I really should, but it's two bus rides away.

  5. Graphic description of leg maintenance.
    Ah - Oakleigh - had almost forgotten ye! Best Greek pastries ever at Nikos!

  6. Oh too much information girlie! As for Nano - you're gamer than me - haven't been game to read back over mine yet. I love doing potted thingys for presents or just picking from my garden - much better than all this commercial twaddle. Hope you don't bleed to death!

  7. Now that is a good idea - the plant growing, not the leg shaving, unless I was a bike rider of course

  8. How did you manage to make shaving your legs amusing?? I love the description you left in my comments about your pinny.... 'Rampant Roses' Oooooh Rampant LOL! X

  9. Thanks, Janine, I might think about wax next time myself lol.

    It's a mix of trash and treasure with home grown produce, Barbara, really eclectic but great :)

    LOl Red, didn't there used to be a delivery service in the late 80s that would deliver dead plants/weeds to those one despised - like mother in laws lol.

    See, River the mere thought has you in a rash!

    Scott, Nikos has taken over the frock shop around the corner in Eaton Mall so it's display and selection of scrumptious cakes is MASSIVE.

    LOL Thanks, Cheryl, I managed to stem the tide of blood ;)

    Thanks, Loz, feel free to borrow the plant idea :)

    I'll try to snap a pic of it this week and post for you, VK ;)