Saturday, November 6, 2010

She's goin' to get ya....

Well, double woot and a big bang to you, too.
Wasn't too much of a double woot to the poor troopers in charge of the gold escort from Rockhampton to the Clermont goldfields who, on this day in 1867, were done a nasty mischief which involved them ceasing to eat and drink. Shockingly the Gold Commissioner Thomas Griffin was the one wot done it and he was stretched by his neck on June 1st, 1868 for his dirty deed.
I had signed up to NaNoWriMo - write a novel within a month - but got off to a slow start.
Meh, a mere 50,000 words in a 30 day period?
Easy, I thought.
Just like the ship Porpoise that rocked up to Port Jackson on this day in 1800 with 4 tons of copper coins - everyone said it couldn't be done but Guv Macquarie proved them wrong when he managed to sew them into the hem of his crinoline skirt and stand boldly in the face of a force 10 gale on Cockatoo Island during his inaugural Mardi Gras Supper Party for One.
Yeah, so I'm up to 5,300 and something-something, fighting off the family like a lion tamer with whip and chair while the brain turns to sludge.
Alexander Riley and Garnham Blaxcell signed on the dotted line with crinoline-bedecked Macquarie in 1810 to import as much rum as they long as they built a hospital, The Rum Hospital. Solution to any crisis can always be found by looking back over one's shoulder...usually to find the answer as to why a governor preferred a crinoline to jodhpurs but sometimes for cheap, easy answers to let a govt off the responsibility for funding new hospitals.
I might make it.
I might, also, be found, twitching, in the fetal position over in yonder corner babbling incoherently about plot, sub-plot, dialogue, scenes, historically incorrect fiction and gads more crap that sloshes around in my headspace.
Just smile, nod and move quickly away.
It's not contagious but it is disturbing.
Just as disturbing is the fact Australia Post released the first special Xmas stamp on this day back in 1957 proving that they've always been getting on the Xmas band wagon far too early in the year and flogging the nativity for all it's worth. Cos they weren't then a toy shop....yet.
So, I shall leave you with the ear worm from Ace of Base which hit the top of the charts for 3 weeks from this date in 1993 All That She Wants.
I'll be pecking at the keyboard....


  1. Come on Jayne you can do it. I just made it over 10,000 and it's starting to flow a bit better. I'm Scrubby on Nano - what are you called there and we can buddy up? Also are you seeing Kangaroos of the Scrubby Bush in your reader? It looked as if all followers came over to the new blog but some are not seeing the posts in their reader. Hope we are still connected.

  2. LOL Cheryl, I'm HistorianJayne (or Hysterical Jayne if you like).
    I don't use readers so I'm not much help, sorry, but try checking if your site feed is clicked on "full" - go to Dashboard, then Settings, then Site Feed and check if it's on "Full".
    Check with Andrew from High Riser, he's a good egg with this stuff.

  3. Cheers Jayne I'll go and hunt you down on the NaNo site.

  4. Keep writing. The GOFA is giving it a goo too. Maybe a few people can get a first draft up for those much thought-of novels.

  5. Whoa -- what a piece of homework you have given yourself. Thats approximately 1666.6666 words etc. a day. What is the name of our novel?
    -- barbara

  6. Thanks, Watershed, mine will more likely be a stream of regurgitated consciousness that belongs down the S bend lol.
    Good luck to GOFA!

    It's called An Overcrowded Hour, Barbara.
    Yeah, no rest for the wicked and I probably feel guilty i I have spare time lol.

  7. A Rum Hospital eh? Did they dish out the rum in medicinal doses I wonder?
    I am never signing up for NaNoWriMo.
    I can barely manage to write for my blog, let alone a novel.

  8. Hi there! Thanks so much for posting my Tea Party button on your sidebar. I hope you're enjoying all the tea! ;-)

  9. At risk of sounding like a total suck, if your novel is as entertaining as your blog writing, it should be a winner!

    Happy travels!!

  10. Ace of base lol now that took me back and now that wee gem is stuck in my head lol so thanks for that.
    Whoo hooo at your novel writing, I agree with Red, it has to be a winner if your blog is anything to go by. Have fun with it....we know you can do it.....

  11. 1993, in a Holden Gemini, stuck in football grand final traffic, the car was boiling over. We cared not and sang All That She Wants long and loud in a chorus.

  12. The rum would have been welcome and prescribed back then, River lol.

    Thanks, Smitten, I am ;)

    I certainly hope it's worth reading, Red and Janine, it's evicted my brain lol.

    LMAO Andrew, I can picture that so clearly!
    And...Holden Gemini's were still around!