Thursday, November 11, 2010

When half finished novels go bad...

NaNoWriMo has been left to languish , or rather my sad effort at writing is stuck somewhere in Microsoft Word limbo on the desktop, sullenly glaring at me everytime I turn the computer on, mooning me at the first opportunity, hacking my Facebook account to post exaggerated statements about my pole dancing proclivities, telling the world I'm a high priced hooker with a certificate in whip cracking and bondage application.
It's only an Appreciation Certificate, after all.
Yes, we're not on speaking terms and there's a distinct possibility we'll be ignoring each other for Xmas, too.
In other riveting 


  1. I think that leaving NaNoWriMo to languish is a wonderful idea, when the weather is warming up, the daylight hours are getting longer.... summer is coming..... Who the heck wants to be chained to Microsoft Word anyhow? Limbo sounds like a much better place for it!

  2. You're a high priced hooker who pole dances? No wonder you haven't got time to write.

  3. Bwhahahahahahah
    Thanks for putting it into perspective, River, now it alllll makes sense ;)