Monday, December 13, 2010

Broomstick busted, ambling lazily down the Calder Hwy...or not

Been tootling and tinkering all over the interwebs and the house doing a whole lot of nothing, really.
'Cept feral geek kid is heading 'home' to Dunolly tomorrow with his dad, then again on Thursday with moi and back for another overnight encore on Sunday til Monday.
We'll get to see the Chrissy decs and the new gift shop that's opened and see what more holes the rains have opened up and, maybe, meet the new family that now own the Royal Hotel...and...and... stuffs.
We will miss the Chrissy Carols in the church and town hall on Friday night but we'll run amok throughout the rest of the joint.
With metal detectors and cameras and other stuff with sparkly tinsel.
Check out this fabulous Chrissy store window at the intriguing Matilda's of Tarnagulla, 'just' 15kms down the road from Dunolly, I'll be ogling it as we whip past on the bus.

I'll leave you with this great long burble on how cheap train lines are made expensive through surveyors being tools and refusing to accept the bleeding obvious.
Not much has changed since 1891, eh?


  1. I couldn't help but notice how detailed the newspaper story was. We don't get detail and information like that in our papers now.

  2. Twas back in the day when they reported mainly facts, Andrew, none of this guff and innuendo. on earth could they spin a sex scandal out of that? lol

  3. This sounds like a fun few days. Mind if I tag along?

  4. Have a great time that window display and her blog

    Well isn't it funny how an accident can bring about a pleasant surprise, you may have created a new tradition from the sounds of it....

    Hey I am pleased to read you got an assessment and I hope that it brings the help that you need....

    ewww at the cream de banana, I hope you dont plan to make any kind of accident from that lol....

    By the way thanks for the cards, your awesome!!! and thoughtful....but you already knew that...

  5. I looked at the article several times, and STILL couldn't see anything about Oprah ... maybe that was the problem back then - no mega-celebs were interested!!

    Happy travels - enjoy your little jaunt, it sounds like great fun!

  6. I love reading old newspapers for an insight into the way things were. Hope you have a great Christmas.

  7. I have a great idea. why not all meet up at Dunolly one time??? Place to stay? Place to eat... Place to chill out away from the big smoke. What say you?