Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Distractions and rediscovered pressies and floods, oh, my!

Right, I'm here to begin the 12 steps.
To admit something that everyone else knew except me.
I'm ever-so-slightly distracted.
I reckon it became pretty obvious when Chrissy floated towards me in a haze of 'Meh, whatever", trotting out to make random purchases, stashing the random purchases away in plain sight and then escaping into history books, history programes on tv, dodging the odd flying object and zoning out, just to avoid the whole 'gimme gimme gimme' crap from rabid maniacal shoppers.
What brought it home was looking at my shelves in my bedroom this morning and finding the random Chrissy presents still sitting there in plain sight.
So, some of the family are getting a second round of pressies lol.
I think I heard someone wonder if I can be stressed distracted again next year to get double random pressies LOL.
Yep, certainly, simply rinse and repeat pmsl.

Now, if you want something that's REALLY distraction-worthy, go read about Bush Babe and her family fording the many flooded roads to get home just for it to continue raining and see the river creep ever up their paddocks!
Also, if you happen to have a spare Ark sitting about, just swing by and drop it off to her,'k?


  1. Haha! But you might be in deep doodoo if you give only SOME family members an extra round of gifts!!

    I jumped off the gift giving merry-go-round this year - its SOOOOO liberating!!

    Happy travels (perhaps to the sales to top up the 2nd round of gifts??)!!

  2. Bush Babe's photos are amazing. While it looks exciting and interesting to us, I am sure it is a pain for them.

  3. mm, not sure whether (whatever the weather) can build an "ark" , erk.

    Have been known t run an 8 ton 32' ketch, though.

  4. Darn! I gave the Ark away as a christmas pressie.

  5. Also, as an add to Bush Babe... buy her 2011 calender people, it is absolutely gorgeous! I purchased two of them and am extremely proud of them.
    Cazzie :)

  6. The GOFA wound up with 4 inches of water through his studio out west. Spent a week sandbagging a neighbours property. They saved his house. Apparently the generally dry creek below him rose at least 7 feet.

  7. Sounds like a civilised thing to do, Red, to not give pressies lol.

    Likely, Andrew.

    LOL Davo.

    Quick, River, build a new one :P

    Aren't they fabulous, Cazzie! :)

    Thank goodness his house is ok, Watershedd!

  8. Oh gosh - Jayne and Cassie - thanks for the mention. Just discovered this in my linkbacks from my wordpress... am humbled.