Sunday, December 5, 2010

Garn, get those calf's tootsies into ya

Seriously, I had to channel my inner bogan to write that title!
No, I do not own a red flannel shirt.
It's blue with shades of purple.
And I'm missing the ugg boots but navy blue moccasins have been known to lurk on my feet.
At night.
Before bed.
I digress!
Lady Jekyll DBE is at it again, throwing calf's feet and geranium leaves willy-nilly about the kitchen.
With the odd drop of Creme de Menthe for good measure.
I'll be passing this through something although my jelly bag was not the first idea that sprang to mind....

You know that is exactly what the kid is thinking.

I've whipped up a spinach and almond pesto/dip and a black olive with walnut and feta dip.
Planning on making itty-bitty Christmas pudds whenever someone turns off the heat and humidity but I shall be avoiding the bred free range pork as I prefer the real free range from a local wholesale butcher.


  1. Ah you make me smile. Love the Christmassy feel of your blog. Must do something about mine - preferably before the 25th! Running like a mad thing lately. So pleased we no longer need calves feet to achieve lemon jelly!

  2. mm, the idea of "free range" disappeared with the introduction of posts and barbeb wire .. heh.

  3. On the other hand -

    Jayne; I wish you and your family Joy; and Best Wishes for Festive Season.

  4. Wow! I haven't heard of calves foot jelly since I watched Pollyanna. The original one with Hayley Mills.

  5. How did you know that a mess of evil jelly powder jelly, flavoured with leaves and coloured with homemade spinach and a glass of cdm on the side was just what I craved?!?!?! I'm SO salivating - NOT!!

    Happy travels!!

  6. Our labelling laws are crap. The authorities give in to manufacturers and suppliers. Product of Australia is very different to Produce of Australia. I would have bought pork on the label of bred free range. Now I know.

  7. There she goes talking about blankets again. Frustrated?

    Agree totally with Red Nomad Oz.

    On the other hand, your antipasto sounds fab!

    PS I have a pair of navy blue mocassin slippers too!! Does that mean we're sole sisters?

  8. Thanks, Cheryl :)
    Hope you have a free moment to yourself!

    All the best back at ya, Dave, hope the silly season is kind to you.

    Oh, yes, I remember that one, River :)

    LOL Red.

    They are made just for the producers, not the public, Andrew.

    I think she needs a blanket if you know what I mean, Lavender.