Friday, December 10, 2010

Haz bited mah nailz, I can bitez urz, yez?

Getting an assessment on Feral beastie today from disability services.
Only been begging asking , along with the paediatrician, for it since April.
Calls from the police on Wednesday seem to have put a rocket under them *rolls eyes*
Am nervous and jumping down throats - not that I don't usually do that anyway but I'm hopping down those gullets with extra elan today.
A 10 point leap with a backward somersault and triple axle with 2 bonus points for difficulty.
Go read Kelley, the Awesome chickybabe who rocks lilac taffata.


  1. I am crossing even things I never normally cross in hopes that the assessment gives the most positive outcomes possible.

    *removes nail polish and offers fingernails...* ;-p Nom away!
    Devs Xxx

  2. Hey you - I came here very nervously with a posting header like that! This may cheer you up, oyu've won an award on my blof for your quirkiness and support of my blogging. You are very much appreciated!

  3. Hey there! I've come over from Cheryl's blog. You sound/look amazingly quirky. I know all about trying to get anything from disability services - don't get me started. I'm a big fan of Julian Assange BTW. We all know crooks are running the world and it's good that someone has blown so many whistles!

  4. Sorry, no fingernails left here, they're all broken.
    How sad that it takes calls from the police to get action on the assessment.

  5. Hi Jayne,

    I'm here from Cheryl's blog and so glad to find you. I'll be back for more.

  6. Thanks, Devi, it worked!

    Ohh, I'll be over immediately.
    Thank you, Cheryl!

    Hiya, L'Aussie! I've read your blog and really enjoyed it but I'll be back many times :)

    Exactly, River, reflected in the many in prisons who don't get the mental health assistance they need until they're behind bars.

    Hi, Deb! Thank you, I'll try to be on my best behaviour for you ;)

  7. Good luck, Jayne! Anyone who can apply the word "elan" to stomping on uvulas deserves my support!