Tuesday, December 21, 2010


We is home.
From Dunolly.
There will be photos.
But first....
*cue the dancing kangaroos*
Whaddyamean the 'roos are on strike?
Get the echidnas to do their synchronised swimming routine....?
They're on hols on the Gold Coast?
The wallabies.....are, of course, on a 3 week bender and are just getting into their stride while the goannas are touring with Joe Hasham on aTexas poker world tour.
The ring-leader of the animals is too busy texting his next conquest somewhere.
Maybe a game of tiddlywinks until I get the piccys loaded up...?


  1. I'm all for the echidnas! Their synchronised pointy noses would make such lovely patterns.

  2. In 1532 it was the Synchronised Echidnas that made a landing on the West Coast of the North Island of New Zealand. Little did they know the Wallabies had bet them to it.

  3. I think my computer's on the blink. There's a giant Helloooo in red across the screen and after that all the pictures and writing start mingling together.

  4. Yep, me too. Surely can't be some weird link up thing between Brian's & my computers? Thought I'd been overdoing the champagne for one horrible moment - thank god that's not it ...!!

    Happy travels!!